The Cultural Feast To Be Found In The East

For those living in the West, the Eastern half of the World has long been veiled in mystery and intrigue. Long distances, the area’s history, and relative isolation have given rise to some of the planet’s most vividly unique cultures and societies, creating what people know as Asia today. With all of this, it’s no wonder that this part of the World is so popular amongst tourists. Of course, though, with so much variance, it can often be hard to find a location which matches your cultural cravings.

By going city to city in Asia, you will quickly find that no place is the same as the last. So, to help you in your exploration of this awe-inspiring land, this post will be dividing some of the most popular into cultural categories, making it much easier for you to find the ones for you. Along with the cities in this list, Asia has loads of rural and wild areas which have a lot to offer, too. Of course, though, you’re here for the culture, and you don’t find that in the outback.

  • Technology: Tokyo, Japan

The first stop in this Asian journey finds you in Tokyo. Being Japan’s proudest city, it’s no wonder that it is widely considered to be one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. Trains will come and go so accurately that seconds can be enough to make you miss your trip, and it doesn’t stop here. Home to Honda, Nintendo, and loads of other industry leaders in the field of gadgetry, there are few places on Earth with quite as much pedigree in this field.

  • History: Beijing, China

Sometimes, you don’t need a trip embroiled in tech, and something a little older will float your boat more pleasingly. First established over 3,000 years ago, with the first settlements being as far back as 700,000 years ago, before modern man, Beijing has been around for a very long time. The city itself isn’t the only historical benefit you’ll find in the area, though, as you’ll also find yourself right next to the Great Wall; a landmark which can be seen from space. This makes it perfect for anyone with a passion for the past.

  • Nightlife: Seoul, South Korea

Very few countries in this part of the World have has a life like South Korea. Since gaining independence from Japan in 1945, this small country has been largely influenced by the West, with the USA contributing the most. This has created an eclectic blend of heart-pumping all-nighters and the ability to spend your trip enjoying the finer things in life. Seoul is unlike any city found elsewhere in the World, and a lot of people find it hard to leave once they’ve been. Of course, though, you have to be careful not to spend all of your money on the first night!

  • A Touch Of Home: Hong Kong, China

Taking a trip to somewhere in the continent of Asia can often be very daunting. The difference in culture can be a shock to those unprepared, and this can bring about a need for a happy medium. This can be found in the City of Hong Kong, in China, as this small slip of land had not long been independent of the British Empire. This has left an interesting balance between the East and West, while also giving you the chance to speak your native tongue while on your vacation.

  • Technology: Taipei, Taiwan

Moving back to technology, it’s time to visit another island, this time in the form of Taiwan. This country is well-known for its hand in the production of computers, phones, and other electronics around the world. But, along with this, Taipei is home to some very interesting companies. Home to Asus, Lian Li, and hundreds of other prominent names in the technology sphere, there’s nowhere better for a gadget lover to visit. It only gets better once you begin to consider the trade shows, like Computex, which also call this city home.

  • History: Bagan, Myanmar

Unfortunately, Myanmar is in the midst of some internal troubles at the moment, and it may not be safe to travel there. Of course, in the near future, this is likely to change, and your chance to visit this historical hotspot will open up again. With ancient temples surrounded by farmland, this place will take anyone’s breath away. Accommodation is very limited in this area, as there is only one large hotel. If you plan ahead and make the right bookings, though, it should be nice and easy to get a spot in a Bagan, or spend the night in a hammock under the stars.

  • Nightlife: Shanghai, China

Not a lot of people expect China to take nightlife quite as seriously as they do. Shanghai, being the party capital of the country, is a great example of this, giving you access to nights which you’d never conceived of. This is one of the more Western-friendly areas in China, with food you know and enjoy, along with plenty of people speaking your language. This makes for the perfect conditions for a weird party in a country you barely understand, while also giving you the chance to feel comfortable where you are.

  • A Touch Of Home: Singapore


Of course, while Shanghai offers some of the culture you know and love, nowhere will do it quite as well as a country impacted by another empire. Singapore isn’t large enough to have region names or more than one city, and its population is very small. Sitting at the Southern tip of Malaysia, you wouldn’t expect to find such a place, yet there it is. Along with making you feel well at home, Singapore has loads of interesting landmarks for you to visit. Leading the way environmentally in this part of the world, anyone can find something they find interesting here.


  • Technology: Shenzhen, China


Now, it’s China’s turn to throw their hat into the technology ring, and what a way to do it. Shenzhen isn’t like other cities famous for their gadgets and wild advancements. You don’t find cheap items in stores which sell them new. Instead, the deals are to be found on the marketplaces, and these are worth visiting for the sight alone. Picture thousands of people, all working hard to shave the prices of small components and gadgets, bartering with seemingly no order, and this is what you’ll find in Shenzhen. Perfect for a nerd looking for adventure.

  • History: Angkor, Cambodia

The recent history in much of Cambodia isn’t something a lot of people like to reflect on. Now, though, years of discord have come to an end, and the country is finally settling back into safety and security. Of course, though, recent history is boring, especially when compared to an ancient city like Angkor. Once a megacity, home to over 0.1% of the world’s population, this city is steeped in history which has earned is a position as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like Bagan, this place has its own airport and hotel, making it easy to stay if you plan ahead.

  • Nightlife: Jakarta, Indonesia

Finally, as the last location on this list, it’s time to head over to Indonesia for a little bit of nightlife. Like a lot of the other cities on this list, Jakarta is rich in ancient history. But, along with this, it also has the benefit of some very modern areas, too. Property pricing is very enticing in this area, making a great place to live if you decide you love this part of the world. Companies like rumahdijual.com/tanah-dijual can help to achieve something like this. But, of course, you’ll have to do loads of research before you attempt a move like this.

The reason you go on holiday is to enjoy yourself and have a good time. Giving yourself the chance to have some time from work, you need to be working hard to make the most of what you have. Often, choosing a place based on the culture it has fostered will ensure that you enjoy your time there. If you like technology, it would be best to go to Tokyo or Taipei. But, for those with a passion for history, Myanmar or Cambodia could be better picks.

You can use a range of websites to research the countries you like the look of. Starting with Google Maps, you will be able to get a good idea of the geography of the place, along with how easy it will be to travel around it. Once you have a better idea of your favored location, you can begin to look for hotels and activities to do while your there. Sites like TripAdvisor are best for this, giving you access to thousands of reviews surrounding the businesses you’ll be using.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your travel research. Most people will have a much better experience on their trip if they are able to balance the native culture with what they enjoy. Some places are better for nightlife and some have greater histories, but you’ll only be able to find the right ones for you with plenty of research.

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