20 Facts About Me

I was tagged to do this by Rachel from Coffeecakekids This is a little tag sort of thing that has been going around the internet and blogs for a few weeks, where you share twenty facts about you that people may or may not know. It’s actually a lot harder than you think to try and write down 20 facts about yourself.

  1. I have claustraphobia and have done from a very young age.  It is getting better but still panic every time I am in a lift and go into hot sweats.
  2. Me & My fiance are expecting our first child together in July, we didn’t know I was pregnant till I was almost 10 weeks, and we found out by going for a routine check-up at the doctors.  We couldn’t be more excited.  I have now only got 4 weeks.20-week-scan-14022017
  3. I always wanted to become a veterinary nurse and studied at college for many years but when I got into a veterinary practice I decided after 9 months I realised it wasn’t for me.
  4. I have always been a keen animal lover and have owned a variety of pets, from hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, Tortoise and a dog.  This will never change and my kids will grow up with pets too.
  5. My dream holiday destination is to go to Australia.  We had planned to go for our honeymoon but we have postponed it due to having a baby on the way.
  6. I have been driving for nearly 12 & half years and have only owned 3 cars, my first being a bright yellow Citroen Saxo, unfortunately.
  7. I once met the runner-up of Pop Idol Gareth Gates in Solihull Town Centre.
  8. I was adopted at just under 2 years old and don’t know anything about my family history, but couldn’t be happier where I am now.
  9. I don’t like Coffee or any flavours of coke cola
  10. I bought my first house with my fiance Tom in September 2014, due to building work and electrics needing replacing we didn’t move in till the December.
  11. Tom has been my longest term partner at 8 & half years, we have been engaged for 4 years and due to get married in October 2017
  12. I am quite a short arse and don’t even reach 5 foot tall, 4 foot 11inches to be exact.
  13. My favourite meal when I lived at home was Lamb chops, mash, veg and lots of gravy.
  14. My Grandma & Grandpa used to own a house in Tywyn Wales and most holidays we used to go and stay there with my cousins.
  15. I may be nearly 30 this year but I love arcade 2p machines, I have to go to an arcade and play on them,  sometimes wonder who is having more fun me or my nephews.
  16. I’ve got 4 nephews, a niece & a godson – Oldest is 9 years & the youngest under 1.
  17. I have 1 sister, there are only 18months between us.  We don’t always get on but we are always there for each other.
  18. I don’t like any types of beer or lager but will drink most other alcoholic beverages.
  19. My favourite holiday destination I have been on has to by Cyprus so far.
  20. I have very olive skin so when I go out in the sun I tan very easily and get asked if I have been away on holiday, and it is just a case I have been sitting in the garden.

I’m now going to tag Siobhan from the baby boat diaries and Noami from trips with a tot to join in and link up.

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