How To Manage Your Nosey Neighbours

We all need good neighbours in our lives. They are the people that can cheer our day in conversation as we talk to them over the fence. They are the people we should be able to call upon if we need help, even if it’s something as simple as a cup of milk when we have nothing left to pour on our breakfast cereals. And they are the people that can hopefully watch over our homes for us when we are on holiday.

Hopefully, you have neighbours like these in your life.

But some of us have neighbours who are nosey. They are the people who peek through our windows when we are trying to enjoy some privacy. They might be sneaking a look at our latest home improvements or trying to take a look at what we are getting up to. These neighbours are not at all welcome, so how do we manage them? Here are some suggestions.

#1: Block them out

With a good set of indoor or outdoor blinds, your neighbours won’t be able to see inside your home. The same applies if you install larger fencing or if you plant shrubbery near your windows. A set of curtains able to shield your home but still let light in are also a good idea. These are just a few of the steps you can take to ensure your privacy at home. 

#2: Install a security system

Not everybody likes to be on camera. If your neighbours realise they could be seen trying to take a peek over your fence, they might be less inclined to spy on you. Of course, security cameras are also a good deterrent to burglars, so while we hope your neighbours won’t steal from you, having something installed can be a good idea anyway. 

#3: Talk to your neighbours

If you are tired of your neighbours peeking into your windows (which you undoubtedly will be), you could go outside all guns blazing to have a row with them. While this could be effective, the better option is to have a calm and quiet conversation. Let them know that you are uncomfortable with their nosiness as it may make them think about their actions. 

In some cases, it might be that they weren’t being nosey. Some people habitually look at people’s homes when walking by, without the intention of being nosey at all. This might be the explanation you will get from your neighbour and whether true or not, it might also give them a reason to stop if they know you’re uncomfortable. 

#4: Don’t answer nosey questions

Nosiness doesn’t only extend to prying eyes. It might be that your neighbours ask you intrusive questions about personal affairs that are none of their business. You don’ have to answer these questions so change the subject if something personal arises. Or simply let them know that you aren’t willing to talk about certain subjects as this will hopefully deter them from doing so in the future.

These are just some of the things you can do about your nosey neighbours. But what do you think? Do you have any advice for our readers? If so, leave us a comment below to share your wisdom. 

1 thought on “How To Manage Your Nosey Neighbours

  1. Ahh! Great advice. We have issues with one set of neighbours and we are thinking about getting a security camera. We have just had a new fence put up which blocks the other neighbours looking in our garden. It gives us both some privacy x

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