Freddie: Three Months Without His Dummy

Ok, so maybe we are a well over the month update that I had hoped for but better late than never.  I never invidious I would be hearing myself saying or be writing about this topic this soon.

Significantly over a month ago now I decided (on possibly the worst day ever) to take Freddie’s dummy away from him.  It was the day we were coming back off holiday and little did I know at the time we were going to have a 22 hour delay ahead of us due to storms and technical issues with the plane – that wasn’t fun.

We were on the coach from the hotel to the airport and he asked me for it a little while into the journey and I replied, oh no, we have left it at the hotel, but don’t worry they will give it to the baby horses as you don’t need it anymore as your a big boy.  Occasionally, throughout the rest of the coach journey he asked for it but we just kept saying the same thing over again. Luckily our friends little girl had given hers up too so that helped and she kept telling Freddie what had happened to hers.

I have no issues with kids having dummies, but since Freddie’s hit the age of 2 I thought it was time to think about saying ‘goodbye’ to it.  He never used to have it often, mainly when he was tired or going to bed but once he was asleep he would spit it out.  Occasionally in the day as a comfort but wherever possible I tried to make sure he didn’t have it, especially when we were out and about.

The first few nights at home weren’t the easiest but we sat with him and just explained over what had happened and eventually he understood.  Eventually, as time went on he was telling everyone that the horses had his dummy when we got home.  .

Every day and week that passed, has got easier for us and Freddie but it has still been extremely hard work, mainly bedtimes, as we have taken away his little bit of comfort without warning.  We had tried previously to take it off him with saying things like the baby birds need it but it didn’t work.  So when we were on holiday near the end, we discovered the horses and Freddie loved them, wouldn’t stop talking about them and wanting to visit them every day, that’s where I thought up my plan to get rid of his dummy.

Now 3 months later it’s a distant memory for him and us (even if I do still have it in my handbag).

If your little one had a dummy, how did you get them to give it up?

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