New Job, Rain&Thunder and Weddings #LittleLoves

Hello there my little cherubs, Hope you are all well and had a good week? Apologise this is a little late too but been a crazy week at my new job.


Last Saturday me, my fiance Tom, my mum and dad all headed over to Cirencester to watch one of my cousins get married.  It was a beautiful service at the church then went back over to my aunt and uncles house for the after party where they did afternoon tea and a ‘cook your own’ BBQ on the evening.  Despite the rain it was a great day and night had by all and was lovely to catch up with all our family again.


Nothing new or different this week, except smarter clothes for my new job I started on Monday at Cushman & Wakefield.


My new job work contract and paperwork which I was required to sign and send back.


A thunderstorm, came from no where as one minute it was hot and sunny the next it was dark, raining and thundering and last pretty much the rest of the afternoon into the evening.


Well I tried something new this week, Chicken Tikka Burgers, they were delicious too.  I saw them while I was food shopping and thought they would be something different for a change.  I added in bacon, cheese and fried onions.

And Finally….

I have started my new job this Monday at Cushman & Wakefield as an AP Clerk (Accounts Payable).  I love it, the people are lovely the firm is lovely.

Hope all you lovely people have had a great week too


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