Meal Planning Monday 13/01/20

That was an eventful week of having the windows done, it was cold, windy and raining but they are all done. It could of been worse, put it that way.  I just shut myself in the lounge with a hot cuppa and hot water bottle on Monday when they did upstairs, then in our bedroom on Tuesday when doing the lounge and hall, then I was back to work Wednesday when they finished doing the kitchen. The fitters were very friendly, very clean and tidy which is the main point and even made themselves their own drinks.  If you need windows doing I would highly recommend Armaglaze Windows.

They took just 2.5 days to complete the job so that wasn’t bad for 8 windows which included 2 large bay windows and couple of complications.

Hope your January is going well?

So this week I am cooking:

Lamb shanks in red wine sauce with new potatoes and broccoli

Lasanga and garlic bread

Sausage casserole

Chicken chow mein stir fry with egg noodles

Tuna pasta bake

Chicken burgers and chips

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

Hope you have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 13/01/20

  1. Hooray! I am glad your windows are done. It sound like it went well.
    Yum! Great meal plan! You have a lot of my favourites there. I love the sound of the Lamb shanks in red wine sauce. I could just eat that now x

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