My Hospital bag – My First Pregnancy

As this is my first pregnancy I will be able to recognise the most obvious things to pack for me & Baby but it’s the other things I’m not sure about that I may forget.  With a little help from my Sister in Law who’s had 3 boys I should be ok and have everything packed that I need and with plenty of time.

Baby is due on 7th July so hopefully, it will be quite warm and won’t need any big coats or snowsuits to take.

In my bag for the baby I will pack:

Blanket – My mum has brought us baby’s first blanket and it is gorgeous so I am definitely packing that for us to wrap him/her up into coming home.  It was from Boots and is super soft.

Nappies – Another major essential, I have stocked up already on loads as we will get through these quite quickly.  I’m trying different brands of ones and have Sainsburys own brand, Aldi’s & Pampers.

Baby Wipes –  Plenty of these and I have a variety of different brands to try out such as Pampers, Johnson’s, Water Wipes, Asda’s little angels & Aldi own brand.

Nappy cream –  May or not need this but I’ve got a couple of tubes just incase as if the nappies don’t agree with baby’s skin I don’t want a sore baby.

Muslin Squares – From what people have told me these are a must have essential in your baby and to have at hand all the time when feeding and winding your baby so I;ve packed a few of them.

Vests – Plenty of these as they may get through a lot of these especially if we have any explosive nappies.

Sleepsuits –  Lots of these as well because if they are sick on them we will have to change and may get through quite a few.

Bibs – For feeding time and incase they are sick

Comforter –  We have 2 of these at the moment a teddy one and an elephant one so I have packed one to put in with baby when he/she arrives.

Dummy – I am hoping I won’t need it, but it’s there just in case.

In my bag for me I will pack:

Pyjamas –  I will pack a couple of pairs of PJ’s.  I don’t want to stay in the hospital longer than I have to but I will need something comfy for after baby is here.  Someone can bring more up if needed.

Nightie – Something that is cool and not tight round me while in labour or after labour.

Pads – Lovely maternity and breast pads.  Enough said!

Swimwear –  Just in case I get to have my water birth

Clothes & Underwear – To come home in as it will hopefully be warm, but something loose and cool.

Shoes – I haven’t suffered with swollen feet too bad but will take loose shoes and or flip-flops.

Toiletries – I’ve packed shampoo, conditioner & body wash, my toothbrush and toothpaste as well.

Energy drinks & snacks – Lucazade was a must have on my list and some food.

Also to go in my bag, but at the last minute is:
Dressing Gown
Make up
Mobile phone and charger
Some money
Maternity notes

So that’s what is in my bag! I have done babies bag but that’s another blog post!

What are/were your must have’s in your hospital bag?

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