Cute Nico Changing Bag | Review

When I first found out I was pregnant I knew there was going to be so much more stuff I had to start taking out with me on a daily basis to places.  We started off with our normal changing bag that came with the pram and it was great, but as our little boy got older we have more luggage to take around with us, such as food, milk & toys.

When John got in contact from Cute Nico asking me if I would be interested in reviewing his changing bag I immediately jumped at the chance to say yes as this would hopefully answer all our problems.

Upon receiving the rucksack I instantly noticed how gender neutral it was which is great if you are unaware of your little ones gender before the birth.

The bag itself is very generous in size and can definitely hold all that I will need for my little boy, along with my own little bits too! I love that there are separate sections inside of the main body of the bag, along with outer compartments too; this definitely helps me to stay organised with separating all of the things so that they don’t get jumbled up and are easy to locate.

The bag also comes with it’s own changing mat & seperate 2 compartments, which easily connect onto anything you want.

This bag retailed at £68.99 and can be purchased from here.I do feel this is a little over priced but is certainly worth it if you wish to spend that sort of money on a changing rucksake.

  • I received this product free of charged for the purpose of this review.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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