Baby’s First Kicks – My First Pregnancy


I am now over the half way mark of 22 weeks and 6 days into my first pregnancy and over the last few weeks I have been able to start feeling our baby move more and more. The feeling is completely weird and I can’t even describe it, at first I thought it was wind. I have asked friends what it feels like and what I should expect but I appreciate it could be completely different for everyone and happen at different stages of their pregnancy.

Some people have described it as like bubbles, a friend explained it as insects crawling inside of you, I did laugh when she told me this as I couldn’t imagine what it felt like at all, and others have said like butterflies flying around inside of you.

As the weeks have passed each day I have felt our baby moving more and more and actually think that a few days I have felt what I think are actual tiny kicks from him/her. It is still very early days and I’m hoping over the next few weeks they will grow stronger and more frequent so my Fiancé can start to feel his baby moving as well as me and we can appreciate it together as a couple.

I think I was lucky enough to feel my first proper hard kick this week which lasted around 5 minutes, it happened after I’d drank cold water and ate a bag of sweets. I was sat at my desk at work and I just watched my tummy move, it was the strangest thing ever but amazing to know our baby was OK and moving.

How many weeks were you when you first felt your baby move and what did it feel like to you?

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