Tackling Your Wedding: The Big Decisions You Have to Make

Weddings can be a nightmare for the indecisive, purely because there are so many important decision to make! But you can ease the burden a little by just focusing on a few at a time. As this will stop you getting so overwhelmed with everything. In particular, there are some crucial big decisions that you have to make, whatever style and budget your wedding is. So read on to find out what they are.

Where to have the wedding

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First off, the most couples will find that one of the most important decisions when planning a wedding is where to hold it. Now, this can refer to the venue, but it goes a little wider than that as well. It can also refer to the location or country that you are going to get married in.

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While a lot of folks choose to get married somewhere that is local to them, many others choose to tie the knot abroad and go to a destination wedding. In fact, you will hear a lot of people say that a destination weddings can be easier than ones at home because you usually have a wedding planner included in the price. Who is there to coordinate everything for you, instead of you having to do it yourself. As well as the benefit of being in a beautiful or exciting location for you and all of your guests.

Big or small

The next thing you need to tackle when planning your wedding is whether you want a small inmate celebration or a big wedding with all of your friends and family. Of course, both have advantages and disadvantages.

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A small wedding is great for those folks that want to make it more about the marriage and the commitment instead of the party. It can be particularly good for people that don’t enjoy being the centre of attention too much either, as it takes some of the pressure off.

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However sometimes leaving people off of the list really isn’t an option, people can get very funny about not being invited to your wedding, even if you have explained it nicely to them! So chooses your guest list wisely.

A big wedding, on the other hand, can solve this problem as you can invite just about everyone you know for either the whole day or just for the evening. Then no one will get their nose out of joint. You will be guaranteed a fun party atmosphere too, with all those people!

When to have the wedding 

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Another vital decision that needs to be tackled when planning a wedding is the time of year that you will get married.  Now, I know that at first glance this seems really easy to decide because you just pick the season that you like, or when your venue is free. But there is a bit more to it than that.

For example, you need to think about the costs involved. As winter weddings are often priced at a lot less that ones in the peak months of June, July and August.

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