Outside Home Improvements Which Add Value!

One of the top things homeowners should consider when they make improvements to their home is how they can add value to the property. Making outside improvements can often add more value than you think. Here are some top things you should do to ensure your property sells for more.

Build a garage

A lot of buyers are looking for a garage to keep their vehicle in when they are looking for a new property. Not only is it good for keeping the vehicle safe so it doesn’t get stolen, but it also protects it when the weather is terrible. People also use it for storing old belongings or outdoor equipment. Therefore, you should look into building a garage if you have the space so that you can increase your property value. Talk to local companies who will be able to build one for you.

File:Maple Street South 111 garage, Bloomington West Side HD.jpg

Extend your driveway

If you want to add value to your property, you should consider extending your driveway so that more vehicles can fit on there. Houses with large driveways sell for a lot more than ones which don’t have any space for parking. There are many companies out there who specialise in driveways and patios and will be able to complete the task at hand quickly and safely. And by having a larger driveway, the property value will increase and you can reduce the cost of your car insurance by parking on there.

Tidy your front lawn

As we have talked previously, you should ensure that your front lawn is looking tidy if you want to increase the value of your home. Why not plant some flowers which will help it to look more attractive to potential buyers. Make sure you regularly mow it to keep it looking great. If you don’t have time, you might need to hire a gardener to do it for you.

Install a home security system

Another way to increase your property value is to buy a home security system to go on the outside of your property. It’s great as it will alert you if someone is trying to break into your home, and if you aren’t there, the neighbors will be informed something is going on. Therefore, it will deter thieves which makes it more attractive to potential buyers. As this article talks about, you are more likely to receive a higher offer as it creates a real sense of security with potential buyers meaning your house value will increase.

Sort your back garden

You should make sure you sort out your back garden as well when you are doing outdoor home improvements. As this feature explains, your back garden being landscaped well can add up to 28% on your home value. Make sure you tend to the lawn to make it look more attractive. You could get a gardener to come and take care of it if you don’t have the time.


Doing the following not only helps you increase the value but makes you happy to live there.


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