Our Windows – The Finished Product

Our windows were started on Monday 6th January 2020. The company, Armaglaze arrived promptly at 8.30am. Paul Knight, the owner had given me an itinerary of the works that were been done a few weeks before and the arrangements were as below:

Monday 6th January 2020

Today, they are starting upstairs in the bedrooms. They arrived and put dust sheets down the stairs, all over the floors upstairs and the beds etc. There was no messing around, they got straight to work, banging & drilling and making light work of the removal of the old windows.

Our Bedroom Windows Before
Our Bedroom Windows After

The back bedroom windows were changed from small top openers and replaced with large side openers.

None of the previous windows were fire escapes so we had to have those fitted and added child safety locks at an additional cost.

Back bedroom before
Back Bedroom After

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Today the downstairs windows were started, a large bay window in the lounge and a window in the hall . All three fitters started on the bay window in the lounge and it only took them approximately 20 minutes to rip everything out.

We knew it was going to be tricky as the original old wooden frame was still at the top and we wanted it removed. The wall was out meaning the walls and frame had to trimmed to make the new ones fit correctly and level.

Lounge Before
Lounge After

We agreed on side openers in the lounge so in the warmer weather we could open them wide and let the fresh air in. We have decided to not put any blinds or curtains up at the minute as we feel it opens up the lounge.

The hall window had an opener that never got opened except Christmas when we would put the lights through, so when making a decision we opted to not have an opener and make it just a large plain piece of glass which opens up the hallway a lot more.

Hall Before
Hall After

Wednesday 8th January 2020

Today was the final hurdle, as always they arrived promptly and got straight on with work. They had one UPVC window in the kitchen to replace and 2 old original wooden ones in the utility. The wooden ones were stubborn and wouldn’t come out quietly so had to be pretty much smash them out.

Just look how much bigger and better the news ones look. We added trickle vents in the news ones.

Old Utility Window
New Utility Window

In the kitchen we kept the window the same, we don’t really open it (as I can’t reach it unless I climb on the worktop) but it is useful to have if we don’t want to open the patio door. I forgot to take a picture of the kitchen window before, but it was pretty much the same as the hall.

Kitchen After

The whole house feels and looks much warmer and modern. We are glad we had them done but wished we hadn’t waited over 5 years of living here before doing them. Now for the interior makeover to do, watch this space.

Have you had your windows replaced how did yours go?

Overall Review

Fantastic company, lovely men, polite, clean and even made themselves their own drinks – Winning. The company is only a one man band with two additional men helping, they get work on recommendations rather than advertising but they do a fantastic job to high standards and nothing is too much trouble for them. I know I would use them again and would most definitely recommend them to all my friends and family. They may not be the cheapest but aren’t the most expensive but do a brilliant job. Thank you Armaglaze

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