Meal Planning Monday 10/02/20


I will let you all know how I get on next week. Anyways, last week was OK, didn’t really do much, just counted down the days till I left my temping job which I wasn’t keen on, money was shocking and processes where so long winded it seemed to take forever to complete on task, but it paid the bills. Had my nails & hair done on Saturday which made me feel better and ready for my new challenge ahead.

Click here for last weeks meal plan

This week I am cooking:

Chicken & bacon tagliatelle with cheese sauce

Pan fried pork steaks with homemade potato wedges, onion & apple salsa with garlic fried spinach.

Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread

Homemade toad in the hole, vegetables & gravy

Chicken tikka masala, boiled rice/chips with naan bread

Southern fried chicken burgers and chips

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

Hope you have a good week whatever your doing?

7 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 10/02/20

  1. nothing worse than a job you dont like, definately deserves a reward at the end of it. my ideal job would be dog sitting/walking – or, something to do with animals. menus look great – i love salmon – light and wholesome. thank you for hosting the blog xx

  2. I’m really bad at meal planning. Many a day I get home from work and have to rummage in the freezer for something I can cook from frozen.
    I need to get organised.

  3. I used to think meal planning was a bit of a chore, and preferred to be a bit more spontaneous, but now I actually find it so useful. There’s less waste when we plan, and I find that we eat more adventurously, and we can still adjust and be spontaneous if we fancy. Your plan for this week has just reminded me how much I love Bacon and Cheese Tagliatelle, and we haven’t had it for ages, so thanks for the reminder, and guess what’s one of the first meals on our menu for next week!

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