Our Current Bathroom

One room in our home that we’ve never fully updated is the bathroom. We gave it a coat of white paint and added a few accessories but apart from that it has never really changed.

The time has now come though to update the bathroom fully and so during the next few weeks we are having a complete bathroom renovation – something that neither my partner or I have ever lived through before, not mentioning with a baby! We have planned it all, have found someone to put it all together for us and now just can’t wait to get it finished.

As you can see it’s pretty grim no matter how much we clean it never looks nice so will be glad of a new one. The lighting is terrible in it aswell so it always looks so dark.  We decided to have a new window fitted seeing as we are having the rest done.

Lastly, we’ll be having fully tiled walls and easy to clean flooring. I am hoping this will not only make the bathroom a bit more water tight but will also making cleaning easier and should just make for a better experience overall.

I’m aiming to do a post during the work if I can get good enough photos but if not I’ll update you when the work’s finished.

Wish us luck!

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