Do you know how secure your house actually is?

Last year, back in June we experienced an attempted break in at our property in the middle of the night at around 2.45am.  It was a very scary experience and one I wish to never experience again, I woke up hearing banging and at first I thought it was the dog, but then I heard it again and woke my husband up immediately.  We managed to scare them off by shouting out the window and they ran off up to road to an awaiting vehicle, it was too far away for us to get a clear registration number.  We have a dog, a rottweiler and she didn’t even bark at the noise, but I do think if they had got in the house it would of been a different story as she was sitting behind the front door.

The police did attend our property and arrived within a short time, 3 officer in total, 1 came to the house and the other 2 went looking around the area.

We only have a single UPVC front door entrance and the below damaged was cause in less than about 10 minutes, by using a crow bar to try and gain entrance.  The also damaged the porch canopy.  If we hadn’t woken up and scared them off they could of been in the house within minutes, which is pretty terrifying to think about especially when our son was asleep in his bedroom.

After our conversation with the police they suggested a few tips to keep our house a bit more secure so with immediate effect we added some of our own extra security measures to protect our family and property.  Some of the below items were what the police recommend.

My tips for making your home more secure are as below

New door locks, an ABS one which is recommended by the police and one that can’t be broken, it will auto lock from the inside so you won’t be able to gain entry if anyone attempts it and snaps it.

Patlock Instant French Door and Conservatory Security Lock – £49.47 

I had never seen or heard about these but they prevent any access via a door as the handles can’t be moved or opened so would have to smash the glass, which in turn would make a huge noise not to mention the mess.

Reelva Sash Jammer + Fitting Screws, uPVC PVC Window Door Lock, High Security Arm White £7.80 4 Pack

These catches can be just screwed to the wall and can be placed over any door or window to prevent/reduce entrance to a property.

Ring door bell £89.00

We are also looking at getting a ring door bell fitted as the police have said these are a semi good deterrent as it is motion detected and records everything  and sends alerts to any mobile device, you can also talk through it so they know your aware of their presence.  You just need to remember to keep it charged.  


Hope these help you feel a little more secure like they do us.

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