What’s in your… Make up Bag?

For many years now I have been wearing make up, I have never been one of these people who absolutely plaster make up on and spend a fortune on it either.

There are so many different brands of make out there now: Rimmel, No 7, Max factor, maybelline, Garnier and many many more.

IMG_5338 IMG_5339

This is my make up bag, my fiance brought me this for my birthday…Isn’t it cute.

I buy all my make up from boots but on the very rare occasion I can’t get anything from there I will go to superdrug.

My make up bag contains the following:


Eye roller – Garnier is a fab brand.  I think I actually brought this from sainsburys quite a while ago, and even though I use it every day it seems to last forever.  It’s great for covering my bags/circles under my eyes.


Powder – You can buy this from here. I but the natural colour as I have an olive skin so don’t want to look to pale.


Ok, maybe 4 mascara’s is a little many but they are amazing, they make your lashes so full and amazing.  They can be found and brought here at £6.99 I don’t think it is expensive for a decent mascara. The black one was actually a freebie through the post.


These are amazing little balls of joy.  They have tiny bits of glitter in them as well to give you that extra glow.  You can buy them from here at boots.  Priced at £9.95 they are maybe a little expensive but are amazing and last a long time.


Lip and Eye liner


Tweezers, brushes, hair grips, eye lash curlers and nail files.

and finally….


Lip gloss – I don’t wear lipstick but love lip gloss, but these are the only 2 I own.  I don’t wear them every day usually just when I go out.

So….What’s in your make up bag.


1 thought on “What’s in your… Make up Bag?

  1. your makeup bag is super cute, I have 2 makeup bags, 1 has 1 each of everything and the other one has loads of extra makeups. make it easier when I travel.

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