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Everyone wants to make a little extra cash in their life for a rainy day or to put into savings.  My husband and I work full time, we have a toddler who is in nursery 3 & half days a week and some months we do struggle financially, but a little extra cash is always appreciated.   

If you want to make a little bit of extra money you have to find the right places to go, and it won’t be a quick fix either, but every little bit helps, right.

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Thanks to Katy from KatyKicker, I started doing surveys to help us out.

Here are my top sites that I used to help us out.

Inbox Pounds

My husband actually found this site for us one night and is another good one except it does take a while to get build up the money if you are only doing it part-time and in between work it does take time, but you will get emails telling you when there are surveys available, some are as little as 1p for just confirming a paid message which takes only a few seconds, you can answer surveys to try and earn more and you can also receive spin’s which could win you 1p or more on each turn, you have a maximum of 10 spins per day and earn these by entering surveys. Once you reach £20, you can request the payment.

Populuslive Surveys

This website is my top of them all, as you get £50 once you get 50 points and this can take no time at all to achieve this, and each survey can be worth anything from £1 to £5 which equals 1 – 5 points.  You have to be quick as they can expire or you may not be suitable for it.

I’ve only been doing this since February 2018 so just over 12 months and in that time I have earned over £200 already.  I have put this straight into my savings account so we can use it towards something we want later on.

YouGov Surveys

This survey site is similar to the Populuslive surveys, but instead of 50 points you have to get 5000 points to receive £50, so this one certainly takes a lot longer but is more comfortable.  I have been doing these since July 2018, and so far I have racked up more than 8,000 points.   You can earn anything from 10 to 150 points, the average generally been 25/50 points.  YouGov is quick and easy to register for, and they will send you emails once surveys become available to complete, always check your junk folder too.  Their survey results are often quoted in the recent news, which is unusual. They post updates about the surveys that you have completed, and there are several regular surveys that I see.

Minimum payout: £50 via cheque. This can take 28 days to arrive.


This is a new one I have recently found which is also fairly good and quick earner, you have to register and then fill in your profile in the “about You” section and once completed you should start to receive studies and the money will start rolling in. You can leave the browser open on your device and can see when they come in. Each study varies in price from a couple of pence to a couple of pounds.

I have only really been concentrating on this one, but in a few sort months I have already earned just over £13, doesn’t sound like a lot but it all adds up. I can also take it out and transfer it into another account so you don’t have to wait to get to a certain amount.

Thank you again to Katy Kicker for introducing me to these!

Do you get involved in surveys to boost your bank balance if so which ones are your best ones?

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