Hatton Locks, New Clothes & Sun #LittleLoves

Well Hello again FRIDAY!  It has been another mad week, but it was topped off with a lovely sunny walk round Hatton Locks with the In Laws and there 2 dogs on Sunday.  The weather has been lovely but now it has started turning wet again.


This week Little Loves consists of:


Not much this week at all, think I read a couple of pages on my kindle book before I fell asleep while reading it in bed.


Nothing this week, just don’t seem to have had time to watch anything.


Not yet, but brought myself a couple ok maybe 4 pairs of new shoes, nothing special, a new top and a pair of leggings on my lunch from work.

IMG_5414[1] IMG_5415[1]


I was asked by a colleague at work if I could make a birthday card for her to send to the US to family member.  She wanted something pretty with lots of colour and sparkly, she had a look through my Facebook page and decided on the iris folded cake one. I used satin ribbon to give it a different effect.


Nothing out the ordinary this week.

And Finally…

No extra news I’m afraid this week.

Hope you have all had a great week.littleloves2

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