Meal Planning Monday 21/10/19

Last week was a busy one of looking for jobs, interviews and even getting a job offer, which I accepted.  It is only temporary, unsure for how long but it will help towards the bills etc.  It is right on the door step, no stupid travel time just jump in my car and can be there in 5 minutes .  We had a lovely day Sunday of meeting up with my friend and her family for her dad’s 60th gathering. This weekend Tom’s Brother and Sister are over for the weekend so be nice to catch up with them and finally meet my new niece Elizabeth.  It is our 2nd Wedding anniversary next Monday so I think we are going to go out for a meal just the two of us to celebrate Sunday night

So this week is going to be a couple of shop brought meals as I was sent some vouchers for Charlie Bingham’s to try.  I will let you know next week what we thought.

Charlie Bingham lasanga with garlic bread

Burger and chips

Tuna pasta bake

Sirloin steak, chips, grilled tomato and mushrooms with peppercorn sauce

Charlie Bingham tikka masala and rice

Buffet tea

Wedding Anniversary meal out

Hope you all have a great week

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