Meal planning Monday 2/12/19

Apologises this is a little late, I have been off work today as still wasn’t feeling 100% after my surgery Friday, it was only a minor op with a local anesthetic but because of where it was on my chest right between my boobs it restricted me from doing to much movement and left me very sore and bruised as they couldn’t get it out easily, but I’m ok.

We had a fairly quiet weekend but I did make the husband go up in the loft for the Christmas decorationS, so we could put them up over the weekend, which we did.  Did you put yours up?

Anyways, onto this weeks meal plan:

Shepherds pie

Southern fried chicken wraps with salad

Sausage casserole

Chicken stir fry with egg noodles

Pan fried pork with homemade seasoned wedges, onion & apple salsa with spinach

Pizza and chips

Lamb joint roast dinner with all the trimmings

What’s on your meal plan this week?

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