Meal Planning Monday 08/02/21

Another week of home-schooling completed. Luckily with our little boy only been 3 his works isn’t difficult or time consuming and he has fun activities, such as make Gruffalo biscuits, building a den, Reading books and drawing pictures. We popped over to the new house on Saturday for a “Pre exchange” viewing. We were hoping to exchange last week but the people at the top are dragging their feet which we are finding so frustrating, but between us on Saturday we have agreed a date so fingers crossed.

My first attempt at toad in the hole was a success and yummy, we had roast potatoes, veg & gravy so will defo be doing that again. Sunday I had my sister in laws virtual hen do which was nice so I had a gin in my hand at 3pm in the afternoon.

Click here for last weeks meal plan

Chicken in red wine sauce with boiled rice

Pork steaks with gratin potatoes, bacon & vegetables


Fish, chips & beans

Salmon, new potatoes, vegetable and hollandaise sauce

Lasagna and garlic bread

Valentine’s Day Meal

Have a great week

3 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 08/02/21

  1. It sounds like your son is having a lot of fun with his home learning. It’s not as fun here with French and algebra. lol
    How exciting, good luck with the move.
    Fab meal plan. x

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