Meal Planning Monday 04/03/19

Seriously where did February disappear too?

Last weekend went by so quickly too as it was my friend’s wedding Saturday and we were child free for the whole day and evening, which was lovely but didn’t half miss him.  I also found out I was going to become an Auntie again, this will be nephew/niece number 6.  This week is also my Dad’s Birthday on Monday so we will go to my parents for buffet style tea.

I have been scouring the world of pinterest to try and get some different meal ideas as we have both said we are getting bored.

So this week we are going to try

Party buffet food (Dad’s Birthday)

Toad in the hole, veg and gravy

Quiche, rice & salad

Grilled lamb chops with garlic and coriander, mash & vegetables

Lasagna & Garlic Bread

Salmon fishcakes, mash, veg & cheese sauce

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

What’s on your plate this week?

1 thought on “Meal Planning Monday 04/03/19

  1. Aww! Congratulations about becoming an Auntie again. What lovely news.
    Happy birthday to your dad! I do love party food.
    All of your meals sound lovely. Have a great week x

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