Meal Planning Monday 9/11/20

Our office has been closed to all staff from Wednesday night but you could still go in if needed but only for short periods of time so it was back to home working on and off for the next month now. Our internet has been dropping out so we have an engineer coming out today too.

I’ve managed to do a bit more Christmas shopping for the family, still got quite a bit to get but will get there eventually, there’s too much else going on to worry about it to be honest. Were all in the same boat so no one is going to mind.

Click here for last weeks meal plan

Spanish style chicken casserole

Meatballs & pasta

Pork steaks with gratin cheesy potatoes and broccoli/sweetcorn

Lamb shanks in red wine sauce, mash potato and roasted vegetables

Beef burgers & chips

Fish, chips & beans

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

Have a great week everyone!!

1 thought on “Meal Planning Monday 9/11/20

  1. I hope you have got your internet fixed. I made a good dent in the Christmas shopping over the weekend. I should be getting a lot of parcels and packages over the next week.
    Great meal plan. All of the meals sound so warming and great for this time of year x

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