Wedding Planning To Do For A Stress Free Day

Weddings are one of the most expensive and most planned out days of our lives but so often people say they barely remember it or didn’t enjoy it as much as they were stressing so much about things getting done and making sure other people enjoyed themselves they didn’t have time for them. On your big day remember, it’s all about you. You need to make sure you enjoy your big day. Let’s face it you spent enough! 

Wedding Planners

A wedding planner can help take away all the organising stress of planning a wedding, chasing details and prices and finding all the information out. They do this for a job so you know they will be precise, on the ball and good at what they do. Then you can enjoy the fun things like cake tasting, dress shopping and shopping for rings. It also allows the groom to enjoy the bits he gets involved in like suit shopping, stag night plans and shopping for men’s wedding rings

Photographer And Videographer 

Before the big day, have a meeting with your photographer and videographer. Find any mock shots you may want to try to recreate, tell them where and when you want them, what style, vibe and anything else you can think of. Then on the day, you don’t need to worry about what’s getting done as you know it’s all been sorted beforehand. These are your memories of the day so don’t worry too much about getting them taken and make sure you are in them, smiling, laughing, dancing and having a great time. 

Get A Dancing Dress

After the ceremony and lovely pictures is time for food and dancing the night away with your new husband or wife. Wedding dresses can be very over he too, big and well expensive. You want to have something just as glamorous but that doesn’t touch the floor and that you can move around in more. You may otherwise end up with alcohol, food, dirt and all sorts over your dress which will ruin it and be a nightmare to get out. You can even swap the heels for some converse so you are comfy and can bust a move on the dance floor. 

Who’s On Kid Duty?

If you have kids, especially those who are a bit younger, you want to designate someone to be in charge with them and maybe even take them home and have them sleepover. So the likely choice would be their grandparents or aunts/uncles. You will have so many people coming up to you with good wishes and catching up and you want to know that someone is keeping an eye on your precious ones. You most likely will be there late, dancing, drinking and celebrating so knowing that someone can take them home at a decent time so they can have a nice sleep is essential. 

These tips will help you have a more stress-free wedding day so you can just enjoy it, spend time with loved ones and celebrate declaring your love for one another.

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