How To Add More Value To Your Home In 2023

At the moment, the market for property is leaning towards a buyer’s market and therefore those who may be looking to sell may wish to hold off for the time being. To make use of this time you have going spare, why not add more value to the home?

There are plenty of updates and small changes that you can make to your home in order to bring its value up. That way, by the time you come to sell, you may find you’ve added a bit of extra money to the price! Here are some tips for adding value to your home in 2023.

Add an extra room or space

A great way to add value is by adding an extra room or space to the home. While not all homes are able to do this because they’re limited on space or funds, it’s definitely something worth doing. From conservatories to loft conversions, there’s an abundance of opportunities to add rooms to your home.

Adding an extra room onto your home that’s a living space, bedroom or bathroom is likely going to add a significant amount of money onto the property.

Upgrade your tech for smart home capabilities

To help with adding value to the home, it’s important to look into upgrading your tech in the home. Smart homes are becoming more common for many new builds popping up on the market. From integrated hot water taps to smart thermostats and USB plug sockets, these little features are highly effective.

With younger generations moving into these homes, it’s important to think about the things they’ll need in order to be satisfied with the property. 

Renovate your bathroom or kitchen

If you’re looking to add value, then renovating your bathroom or kitchen is a must. These are two spaces within the home that are definitely going to provide extra value due to the fact that they become easily worn and tired over the years. 

A buyer will much more likely want to see a new bathroom or kitchen fitted as opposed to old and dated rooms that they’ll need to spend thousands on. Think about renovating these rooms if you get the chance before you sell.

Keep up with regular maintenance 

Regular maintenance is important to help add more value to your home. It’s something that you need to be mindful of when it comes to clearing your gutters, checking in on your boiler and inspecting your loft space or roof every so often.

With regular maintenance, you’ll help yourself by spending less on the property over the years and maintaining the quality of the home. 

Landscape your garden if needed

Finally, if the garden space needs it, consider landscaping your garden. This is something that can make a big difference to how your home feels and looks, as well as the value it adds to your property. A more habitable garden space is a big selling tick for buyers.

Adding more value to your home is something that’s worth doing, so use these tips to get started.

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