The Best Ways To Say Thank You After Your Big Day

Planning a wedding doesn’t just involve the bride and groom. With so much to sort, it’s often a case of all hands on deck. During the months leading up to your big day, you may find that you’re asking people for favours left, right, and centre. Often, people are delighted to help. But it’s always nice to show how grateful you are. Here are some of the best ways to say thank you to those special people after your big day.

Personalised cards

We tend to send cards for every occasion, and most couples send out thank you cards after their wedding. To make things extra special, why not order some personalised cards? You can customise the design using the recipient’s names and write a message inside. A bespoke card is more thoughtful than a standard thank you card.

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Everybody loves receiving a bunch of flowers, especially when they’re unexpected. Wait a few days until after the wedding and then send flowers to your loved one’s home or workplace. Write a personalised note, and choose an arrangement that includes their favourite flowers. You could also add a box of chocolates or a scented candle.

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Experiences and days out

Wedding planning is exhausting. If your mum and dad have helped you out beyond measure, why not treat them to a day out? Book a table for lunch or treat them to afternoon tea. Organise a massage, or reserve a hotel room so that they can have a weekend away. This will be the perfect tonic to help them rest and relax. It’ll also give them something to look forward to after the excitement of the wedding.

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Throwing a party

Has everyone mucked in to give you the best day ever? Are you desperate to say thank you and show how grateful you are for their help and support? If so, why not throw a post-wedding party? You can put on some food and drinks, and gather everyone together to share tales and look through photos. You could put the wedding video on or get up and dance to the reception playlist. This is a fun way of prolonging the celebrations, and thanking all those people who have helped along the way.

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Framed prints

Many people use photographs for their thank you cards. But why not make your token extra special by framing a print? You could order images of you with your grandparents or siblings, for example, and give them out as a memento. You probably won’t want to do this for every guest. But it’s a lovely idea for close family and your bridesmaids and ushers.

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When you’re working through a never-ending to-do list, your friends and family can be lifesavers. Planning a wedding is a team effort. After your big day, it’s wonderful to be able to say thank you to those who have been there for you. There are lots of different ways you can do this, and hopefully, these ideas have given you food for thought.

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