Is It Really Worth Quitting The Stinkies?

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For what feels like forever, the media has been going on an anti-smoking witch hunt. Some countries have imposed strict laws prevent tobacco companies from using colored packaging. But, is smoking really that big of a deal? Well, yeah, kinda. This post will go through some of the problems that smoking can cause, and why you should drop the habit today.

Obviously, smoking can cause cancer. Everyone knows that. But, did you know that 90% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking? And, that’s ignoring the other kinds of cancer that smoking can be responsible for. You develop cancer when cell production goes wrong. Cells mutate, and instead of being healthy, they’re useless and cancerous. Unfortunately, our bodies can’t do anything with the badly written cells, so they end up causing problems.

Aside from cancer, smoking can also cause heart problems. Coronary heart disease stops the coronary arteries from being able to supply the heart with blood. Nicotine and carbon monoxide can both cause this condition, by putting strain on the heart. That same strain can also lead to a heart attack because the heart can’t deal with the unnecessary speed. Smoking will also make your arteries furry. This increases the chance of blood clots in your blood. If a blood clot finds it’s way into your brain, you will suffer from a stroke. Or, if one reaches your heart, you could have a heart attack. Smoking will damage your blood vessels and the arteries that feed your brain with oxygenated blood.

Breathing in any foreign contaminant will damage your lungs. And, of course, smoke from a cigarette is no different. Smoking can lead to terminal conditions like COPD, which affects your lung’s capacity, forcing you to wear an oxygen mask. It can also cause pneumonia, which can be like a combination of the worst flu and food poisoning you’ve ever suffered. Pneumonia can usually be treated, but in some cases, it can be long term or even fatal.

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Nowadays, to quit smoking, you don’t even need to really quit. Instead, you can go digital. There are a lot of differing opinions when it comes to e-cigarettes. Some people hate them and will claim that they are worse than cigarettes. But, most countries central medical agencies only have high praise for them. Although they’re foreign at first, a lot of people find the e-cigs become much easier to use over time. They can still contain nicotine, but you can choose the strength. This means that you can wean yourself off of nicotine over time. Sites like Fusion Vape can provide you with a host of different strengths so that you can quit in your own time. These methods seem to work better than traditional quitting aids. This is most likely because the action of vaping is very similar to smoking, so it doesn’t feel too different.

At the end of the day, only you can make the decision to quit smoking. It will help to reconnect to the real issues that smoking can cause. Lookup the diseases smoking can be responsible for. If you don’t want those conditions, you don’t want to smoke.

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