Surviving That Sweltering Sun

Keeping the home cool isn’t always an easy task. Especially if you don’t want your energy costs skyrocketing because you have the AC on all day. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case. Here, we’re going to look at little habits and more permanent changes that can cool the house down without burning your cash.

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Switch up the bedding

Perhaps the most difficult thing to do on a warm day is getting some sleep at night. It’s a good idea to crack open the windows when the sun goes down, but you won’t want to do it all night. Instead, get to changing your bedding more often. Fresh bedding feels much cooler, after all, and using the right kind, such as light natural fibres will trap a lot less heat when you’re trying to catch some shuteye.

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Check your electrics

It would be nice if you could simply switch off all the appliances in the home but for many people that just isn’t viable. Maybe you want to watch TV, maybe you have to do some work. But all electrics use energy and create heat while they’re doing it. Upgrade to more energy efficient models where you can justify it, and turn off anything you’re not using. If you’re stuck in the home office, then clean the computer of dust by opening it up and using a compressed air can. Desktops are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to generating heat in the home.

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Get a different view

How much you let light into the home is going to make a big difference. For instance, consider keeping the curtains closed more often and fitting in more effective window treatments. Wood blind slats are a lot better at keeping light out than fabric, after all. However, many people don’t want to shut the sun out completely. Instead, you could opt for options like Premier Tint windows. You don’t necessarily have to shut yourself off from the whole world to enjoy a cooler home. It also reduces the annoying glare that strong sunshine can bring with it.

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Get the barbie going

You’re going to want to do it anyway. However, the fact is that cooking indoors creates a lot of heat that remains trapped in the house throughout the evening. Get out and get grilling a bit more often.

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Become a fan of fans

Sometimes you just need a little technological help cooling the house down. However, choosing a good house fan such as those shown by The Good Guys can be a lot cheaper than turning on the AC. If you feel like it’s not doing any good, then make sure you have it set so that the fan is turning counter-clockwise. It creates a very pleasant cool breeze effect. A glass of ice water behind the fan can make it even more effective.

As a final tip, you should always make sure you check the home for any crevices and especially roof breaches where air can travel freely. It’s not just a good tip for the winter. In hotter weather, the heat will look for somewhere to go and your nice cool house might provide just that opportunity.

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