Splash-Tastic Fixes For Spills And Slip-Ups

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it can be pretty impossible to prevent any spills and slip-ups in the kitchen. And it can be ever so annoying dirtying a surface or appliance after you have just spent ages trying to clean it! But you don’t have to spend too long cleaning up all your little accidents. There are lots of quick fixes that can help you get your kitchen sparkling again after just a few minutes! Here are a few top tips that you can use next time.

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Microwave Splashes

One of the most common areas that suffers from various spills and splashes in the kitchen is inside the microwave. More often than not, this is caused by food and liquid that boils over its container. No one likes cleaning in the microwave because it can be quite an awkward space to get in. But, you don’t have to wipe up all the insides anymore! There is one easy way to get the stains off the sides of your microwave – you just need to put a small bowl of lemon juice and water inside and then turn it on for three minutes. Once the mixture boils, leave it to stand inside the microwave for five minutes. This will lift off all the stains and stuck-on food. After the five minutes, simply wipe down with a soft cloth. Easy!

Burnt-on Food In The Oven

Before you tackle any grime or burnt-on food in the oven, you should make sure that it has fully cooled down. Then, scrape off large chunks of food and get them sucked up with one of the best hand vacuum cleaners you can find. To get off any dirt and grime that is left behind, give it a quick spritz with some water and leave this overnight. When you come to it the next day, scrub it with a wet microfiber cloth. You’ll find that everything lifts straight off the oven walls! If it still isn’t budging, give all the dirt a spritz of an oven cleaner. If the grime doesn’t lift off, give it another spray and leave the cleaner on for an hour or two to work its magic!

Spills Under The Refrigerator

Any spilled liquid in your kitchen risks seeping under the refrigerator, oven, and other appliances and cupboards. The spillage can then be very hard to get to, especially if you can’t move whatever it has seeped under. If you have wooden floors, you can mop this up with a mixture of warm water and vinegar. However, if your floors have been waxed, do not use vinegar. You should use special cleaners for stone or tiled flooring. One great idea is to dip a microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution, wrap it around a ruler, and use this to get right under the appliance or cupboard.

Hopefully, you will never have to worry about these small accidents again! Your kitchen will now be absolutely spotless and extremely hygienic, perfect for all your cooking and baking!

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