Is Someone Considering A Proposal?

If you have a family member, perhaps a nephew or a son, who is thinking about proposing, this can be a truly exciting time for all. However, it will soon be discovered that it is also a time of potential stress as well. A proposal always requires a lot of forward planning and attention to detail if it is going to go as well as possible. If you are being asked your opinion or for some help, then there are a few specific things you can stress to them to help them get it just right. With any luck, they will be coming away from the experience with exactly the answer that they were looking for!

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Timing & Certainty

Timing is probably the most important element of all. There is nothing more painful than a proposal which does not land, simply because the timing is all wrong. It could be that the other person does not feel quite ready, in which case it is unlikely to go well. Or maybe you need to ensure that the relationship really has got to the correct stage – this can be hard to discern sometimes, so it’s a good idea to try and give some pointers here. In the most certain of circumstances, both partners have at least subtly communicated their desires to the effect of getting married. Of course, if they haven’t this doesn’t mean it is not a good idea, but it might be much less certain.

The Importance Of The Ring

Finding the right engagement ring is another of those potential headaches which need to be overcome. One of the most difficult elements is often ensuring that it is the right size. Asking outright the ring size can be too obvious, so it is often better to be more subtle about it. This could mean secretly taking a ring which is known to fit, for example, or asking a friend or relative if they know the size. But it’s not just the size; choosing an appropriate ring of the right kind of dimensions and style can be a difficulty, but if done right is likely to impress greatly.

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Where the actual proposal takes place is hugely important too, and it is equally likely that they might ask for help in figuring out this. It could be that they return to a favorite spot, perhaps from an earlier – or even the first – date, or that a spot is chosen simply because it is deemed romantic, even though it might be entirely new to both parties. Either of those will work just fine, just so long as a lot of thought has gone into it beforehand. It is the thought that goes into it that really makes a difference, and as long as the gentleman is aware of that it should go off without a hitch. Add to all this a little confidence in terms of being well presented and preparing properly for the big day, and there is no reason they won’t come away a delighted couple.

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