Small Touches to Make Your Home Look More Pleasing

Everyone would love to have a more expensive house that looks fantastic, but the reality is that buying a new home takes a lot of time and money that we simply don’t have. Renovations are expensive as well, and we’ll typically be locked out of actually using our home for the majority of the renovation period. It’s unfortunate, but making your home look more and feel more expensive is a dream that’s going to take a lot of time and planning, and unless you’re sitting on a big pile of savings that is just waiting to be spent, it’s unlikely to ever happen soon.

But fortunately, you can still give the illusion of a more expensive home that is pleasing to the eye and can actually lift your spirits during a rough day. Here are just a couple of simple common tricks that will make you fall in love with your home again.

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Update the small things you use every day

If you really want to improve the look and feel of your home, you need to target the objects in your house that you use on a regular basis. For instance, if your door handles are falling apart, feel cheap or just don’t look very nice, you can consider contacting an architectural ironmongery specialist to get them replaced. Not only will your doors look a lot nicer with a brand new handle, it will also give you that fresh home feeling every time you touch it and open the door. It sounds silly, but it will give you the feeling of a new and improved home if every door you open is updated.

Paintings are important

If you want to really show off some expensive touches and make an empty wall feel a lot more interesting, you can invest in some paintings, portraits or even picture frames. The idea is to not put too many around the home and instead, focus on trying to buy budget artwork that looks like it costs a lot of money. Modern art paintings are ridiculously expensive, so don’t go to one of those certified dealerships. Instead, shop around and look for paintings from market stalls or online auctions. They don’t have to be authentic, they just need to look great.


Nothing makes a home look more expensive and pleasing to the eye than a thorough declutter. The fewer objects you have in your field of vision, the less you have to focus on loose items such as pens, pencils, bits of paper and remote controls for your devices. Store anything you don’t use in boxes and drawers, and make sure there is hardly anything out in the open. This will divert your attention to the more interesting things in your home such as paintings, furniture and decorations as opposed to junk items.

Utilise plants

Plants make a room feel more natural and brighter. The medley of colours that you can include will light up any room assuming they aren’t overpowering it and turning it into a jungle. If you have space, a few plant pots in open areas or even just a simple tabletop plant will add colour to an otherwise bland view.

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