A Simple Guide To Staying Healthy & Germ Free At Home

Did you know that your home can be very harmful to your health? There are loads of germs living in your house and many ways in which you can damage your health and get sick. So, I’ve decided to write this simple guide to staying healthy and germ-free at home:

Keep An Antibacterial Hand Gel Nearby

People touch things and carry bacteria on their hands all the time. This is mainly how germs spread, and people get ill. So, if you have antibacterial hand gel handy, you can kill the bacteria and stop germs from spreading. Ideally, you could have some in every room so everyone can use it whenever they want. If you think this is overkill (which it probably is), then keep one in the kitchen and bathroom instead. These are the rooms where most people are likely to spread germs, particularly in the kitchen when touching food. With some hand gel, you can prevent this from happening and keep your home healthy.

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Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Most of the time, the water from your taps is fine to drink. However, you never really know what the whole filtration process is like, and sometimes it’s not good for you to drink from the tap. If you want to stay as healthy as possible and free from any diseases, it makes more sense to stop drinking tap water. Instead, you can buy bottled water or get a water purifier with a reverse osmosis water filter that cleans your water and makes it perfectly safe to drink. Even though we expect to have clean drinking water from our taps, there are often stories about chemicals being put in it or other harmful things occurring. In my eyes, it’s not worth the risk when you can easily drink cleaner water without worrying.


Always Read Food Labels

Food can be a source of many health problems. For starters, if you don’t eat a healthy diet, you will never be as healthy as can be. But, there’s also a big problem with eating food that’s past its use by date and might be harvesting germs and bacteria. To this I say; always read the labels. The food labels will tell you exactly how to store your food and how long it will remain good for. Follow the instructions and don’t take any chances. After all, they put those dates on there for a reason, there’s no point in risking it.

Clean Your Kitchen After Every Meal

It feels like I’m mentioning the kitchen and food a lot, but that’s just because they’re key things with regards to home health! My final piece of advice is to clean your kitchen after every meal. Especially if you’ve prepared raw meat, specifically chicken. Raw chicken carries the potential for food poisoning, and you should clean everything it touches and everything you’ve touched after handling it. By cleaning work surfaces and anything you used while cooking, you will keep your kitchen free from germs and make your house a lot healthier.

With this guide, you will reduce your risk of getting sick at home, and everyone will be a lot healthier!

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