Read Up: Tips Before You Get A Pup

Making the life decision to get a puppy for your family home is one that’ll have a big effect with some huge pros and cons. Still, you’ll know that you’re ready for a dog if the benefits outweigh the costs by a clear mile. For most people, this is definitely the case; when you become a dog, you naturally become a dog lover. It’s a natural and completely uncontrollable event; the love you feel for your new addition to the family will be entirely unconditional. However, dogs aren’t for everyone; they do require time, affection, and money, much like any human you care about. Here are some tips to consider before you get a puppy.

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Your dog’s health is so important, and you need to be ready to invest time and potentially money into looking after your new little puppy if you get one. Vet visits, whether for a regular check-up or an emergency situation, are something with which you’ll have to be comfortable if you’re going to be a dog owner. Animals get sick or injured much as humans do. If you’ve no idea where to begin with dog vaccination then it’s important to do research on the subject because you don’t want your puppy to be at risk of nasty infections (that could be costly for you in every meaning of the word).


It’s so important that you train your dog from the moment you first introduce him or her to the house. Bad habits can develop and stick rather quickly if you fail to show your new puppy the ropes. You need to figure out how your dog’s mind works if you want to curb bad behavior, such as urinating on the carpet or chasing other dogs around the park. Excitability and confusion are usually the culprits because so much of the world is brand new and wonderful to a small puppy (much like a young child).

However, if you start to reinforce the moments at which your dog behaves (with a delicious snack, usually) then you’ll notice that your puppy grows up with the understanding that good behavior leads to rewards and bad behavior earns him or her nothing at all. You’ve got to be consistent with your method, of course. Don’t treat your dog differently from day to day when they’re behaving the same because they’ll start to get confused; remain consistent until the good behavior is learned. Even when that happens, be sure to reward your dog with treats when they behave well.

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Is the family ready for a dog? And is the dog ready for your family home? Answering both of these questions is important to crossing the final barrier when deciding whether a puppy is right for you. Of course, above all else, making sure the puppy is happy in your home is the most crucial aspect of owning a pet, but it’s something that anybody can achieve with time and patience. You need only ensure that they understand the rules of your house, and when they see that you’re happy with your good behavior then they’ll be happy; dogs feed off a positive environment much like humans, so if you’re positive about their presence then they’ll be positive about living with you. It’s as simple as that.

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