Perfect Date Ideas For Outdoors

It may be your first date together, or your tenth – it really doesn’t matter. If you’re going to plan the perfect date, then you should do it right.

Though, doing it right doesn’t mean you have to go crazy or spend lots of money on elaborate activities like getting in a hot air balloon or riding camels through the desert – go for it if that’s your thing, but it’s just not necessary.

Many people think that having a date outdoors means it has to be this big crazy event, but even if this is the date where you pop the question, it can still be a simple outdoor affair where you just enjoy the beauty of nature as it is without going over the top.

Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing and into date mode.

Open air cinema:

Just like the indoor cinema, people still watch movies together on dates, because who doesn’t love a good movie. This type of date works for every stage of your relationship. In the beginning, it’s a good way of avoiding awkward silences and gives you something to talk about on the way home, and once you’ve been together a while, then you’re getting out of the house and spending some time together on a date. Going to an open air cinema is a fun experience in the middle of summer and puts a fun twist on watching a movie together.

Outdoor sports:


Whether you simply enjoy nice hikes in the mountains, or you’re into something a bit more daring like rock climbing, or even skydiving, there are plenty of ways to show your adventurous sides together from the first date. If candles and flowers aren’t really your thing, then there are plenty of ways to get to know each other.

No matter what your activity is, you should always bring a flashlight in case the unexpected happens.

 Picnic or BBQ:


Most of us love to eat outside in the summer – there’s just something pretty magical about it. So whether you feel like inviting your date to a beach BBQ, where you can chill out and get to know each other better over some beers and burgers, or you’d prefer a more intimate picnic in the park, then there’s definitely some options available to you. If you’re not sure what to include in a picnic, you can find plenty of picnic food ideas online to help you get started.

Ice-rink or christmas market:


Don’t worry if you’re planning to have a date in winter, and think that means you’re limited to indoor only activities. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors in winter, no matter what kind of things you like to do. In fast, in some places, there’s actually more going on in winter that people can do outside at all times of day. In many bigger cities, winter time usually sees the construction of an outdoor ice-rink and a Christmas market with lots of great food, unique gifts and definitely a variety of mulled wine to keep you warm as the temperatures drop. This can be the perfect way to spend an evening getting to know each other and experience a different side of your city, too.

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