Palettes At The Ready: A Guide To Trying New Food & Drink

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When you are trying to make the most of life and enjoy it, you will find yourself presented with a world of opportunity when it comes to food and drink. There’s always something new to sample; a new delight for your taste buds; something to tempt you into sampling.

For some people, however, there’s also a part of them that thinks… I’d rather just stick with what I know.

A huge number of people never quite grow out of the phase of childhood where they are picky eaters. If you know someone like this – or perhaps you are even such a person yourself – the possibility of enjoying the foodie life are always going to be limited. The food they buy at home for parties; the restaurants they dine at; the room service they order from hotels – it’s all going to be limited by the restrictions they place upon themselves.

If this all sounds familiar – and more than a tad depressing – maybe it’s time to change your ways? To attempt to combat the problem and enjoy all the fine dining and homely cuisine that the world has to offer, you need to follow a few simple steps.

#1 – Try One New Thing At A Time

If you’re determined that you hate curry, then there’s no point in loading up your entire meal with curry. It’s just going to put you off and make you not want to eat at all – there’s no point in that.

Instead, you’d start with something like a curry-based marinade when cooking steak at home. This is a light entry point into something new, without guaranteeing that you’re going to ruin your entire meal. Small entry points that allow you to branch out from there are the way to go.

#2 – Try At Home

If you’re going out for a luxurious meal, then you’re going to want to get your money’s worth – so of course, you’re going to struggle with eating something outside of your comfort zone. This is only natural, so if you decide to stick to chicken for your main meal and combine it with white wine, no one is going to judge you.

This is about finding a way to become accustomed to new tastes and flavours, though – so what’s the alternative? Try it at home. Experiment with recipes you would never normally try; cocktails you’ve never heard of. You can buy craft beer online to sample without the markup you’d pay while out; use the discount sections of supermarkets to try meats you would never normally opt for. When there’s not the expense of the bill on your mind, you should feel freer to try something different – and if you don’t like it, the kitchen is right there for you to whip up something that you do like.

#3 – Ignore Recommendations

This might be something of a surprise but, yes, you should ignore recommendations. If your friends and family are enthusing that you try something, it can be tempting to just bow to the pressure and do exactly as you’re told. Then, if you don’t like it, you’re pretty much never going to trust anything that person says again.

So just veto the whole process and only try things that you think you might like, not those which come with ringing endorsements. Learn to trust your instincts rather than the opinions of others, and you’ll soon have a whole new foodie heaven waiting for you.

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