Overcoming Health Anxiety, No Matter What You’re Worried About

Health anxiety is something we all live with from time to time. What does that sensation mean, is that mark on my skin something to worry about, etc etc. And most of the time the thoughts disappear with a quick doctor’s appointment and/or a couple days of rest and relaxation. 

But for some, health anxiety has to be lived with 24/7. And if you’re one such person, it can be exhausting! Worrying about whether something is potentially a symptom can take up so much of your mental energy and leave time for nothing else, and that really is no way to live. So let’s try and conquer this kind of anxiety once and for all.

Bodies Can Be Complicated

As any health professional will tell you, all bodies are different. What might be a symptom of something can actually just be something totally benign your body is doing, and there’s nothing to worry about at all! Bodies are complicated and there’s no set pattern or technical ruleset to follow. We just have to live in them, understand how they work personally, and never let someone else’s experience apply to our own! 

Stay Off of the Internet

The internet is the one place that’ll always convince you something is really wrong. But in reality, things aren’t all that bad and you’re nowhere near as ‘sick’ as you may be led to believe. After all, article headlines are made to catch the attention! 

Not only that, but most healthcare posts are generalised to give as much information as possible. That means there’s little to no nuance within the content, and it cannot be applied to your own, personal case at all. 

Book an Appointment

Of course, the one proactive thing you can do is book an appointment with a doctor and see what they have to say. Whether you feel the need to go to a scoliosis clinic or you just want to talk to a GP about a minor symptom, this is a good way to prove to yourself that your worries are unfounded. 

But whilst you’re there, bring up the overwhelming amount of worry you feel, and how often you feel it. Talk about the ways it disrupts your life and makes it hard to focus. They’re likely to tell you you have health anxiety, and will be able to offer many more viable solutions. 

Talk to a Therapist

If you’ve spoken to a doctor about your health anxiety, they may recommend therapy as a way to deal with it. But you can also look up local counsellors and book a private session whenever you like. This is a safe space to talk about what you’re feeling and how it’s affecting you, and steps to take to think more rationally in the future. Indeed, if you’re looking for a real solution, this is probably where you’ll find it.

Health anxiety is hard to live with. Talk to someone and get it all out there. 

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