Making Your Health Invincible

It is pretty rare that any of us consider our own mortality. After all, it is a pretty dark subject, and it is often easier to just coast through life taking things as they come. The likelihood that a serious illness of medical condition will actually affect you is pretty slim. But no one wants to have their time cut short, or spend a significant portion of their lives in a hospital or on medication. Of course, a lot of major health issues are often simply down to chance, or a result of things we cannot control (such as genetic and hereditary disorders). However, it is common knowledge that if we lead a healthy lifestyle and take good care of ourselves, it is much more unlikely that we will ever develop a serious illness – and if we do, we will be more equipped to fight it off. Here are a few ways you can maximize your health for the most invincible version of you.

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Cut out the obvious

You would be hard pushed to find a single person in the country (or even the world) who wasn’t aware of the negative effects certain habits can have on our health. The most obvious one is smoking, which is said to take around ten years off your life expectancy. While it can differ from person to person, it’s no secret that smoking tobacco is bad for you and can lead to some pretty horrific diseases such as lung cancer. Alcohol is another, although as it is so ingrained in our society, it can be even harder to avoid. Consider how much you consume in a week and how much that compares to the other people around you, as well as the general public. If you know that you are drinking or smoking too much, seek help to cut down and eventually to quit.

Don’t ignore those aches and pains

When you have so many things to focus on in your life (work, family, friendships, etc.), it can be very easy to push any physical pains to the back of your mind. But by doing this, you could unknowingly be putting yourself in danger. Joint and muscle disorders can affect anyone at any age – there is a misconception that these things only affect the elderly, which isn’t strictly true! Hip pain, for example, is very common among people who are very physically active. If you are experiencing discomfort in this area, find a clinic for hip pain, where you will be assessed and provided suitable treatment. You may think it a waste of your time, but it’s better than ending up with a seriously damaged hip five years down the line!

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Take care of yourself

Pizza and fizzy drinks may well be two of your favourite things on the planet – but, as we all know, you can often have too much of a good thing! Even if you find healthy eating boring, try and stick to a well-rounded, balanced diet. Take the time to learn how to cook from scratch (you may even surprise yourself!) and make sure you fuel your body with plenty of water. Your immune system relies on hundreds of vitamins and nutrients to operate functionally, so give your body the things it needs to thrive.

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