Ideas for a Haunting Halloween

For those of us who love a bit of spookiness and a bit of devilish fun, Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year. If you are looking for ideas to make your Halloween the scariest and most scream-filled yet, then we have some ideas that you can try, if you dare! 

Whether you are taking the kids out or you’re looking for adult orientated fearsome feats, we have some horrible Halloween ideas for you to choose from: 

Watch IT at the Cinema 

Stephen King, the genius behind many sickeningly good psycho films, first released IT in 1990. For anyone who didn’t catch it the first time around, let’s just say it resulted in an epidemic of Coulrophobia, or in the less technical description – a huge increase in the number of people scared silly of clowns! This year sees the adaptation by Andy Muschetti now showing at a cinema near you – eerily 27 years after the first film was released (if you know, you know!). If you are brave enough, you could try watching the original one first. Remember to watch out for any red balloons on your way to the cinema!

Jack The Ripper Tour 

Bored of the fictional characters and less than realistic scenes with special effects? If you want to experience something truly ghoulish, yet based on a real-life evil criminal, you could take the Jack the Ripper Tour. Find out all about the hideous crimes of the notorious Jack the Ripper, which will take you through the dark shadows of London to revisit the scenes of the famous crimes. The tour is a great idea for the appreciators of True Crime stories and one of the greatest unsolved crimes of all time. 

Warwick Castle’s Halloween Week

It doesn’t get much more spooky than spending a dark evening in a historic ‘haunted’ castle and there are a number of events taking place at Warwick Castle to celebrate Halloween. From fire jousting to the Witches Tour, there is plenty of Halloween horror to be found for all the family at Warwick Castle. 

Spooky World  

This is a really popular event that gets a frightening refresh each year. Based in Warrington, close to Manchester and Liverpool, Spooky World is not for the faint-hearted. The set is carefully designed on a farm and is filled with horrifying attractions including a 4D experience this year!  

Fancy Dress Party 

It is a classic Halloween plan but it never gets old if you are inventive with your costumes and your decorations! The (chopped off) finger buffet or the eyeball soup are both fun ideas for a gruesome menu. Or how about the pork dumplings with a chilli sauce crammed into a jar to double as brains? Hmmm very appetising! How original can you be with your cuisine? If you start your planning now, you could master a whole host of horrible dishes to scare your guests into going home on an empty stomach! 

Why not treat your guests to a murder mystery game? Add the fear factor by doing it in the dark with only candlelight to find your way around. Another old favourite is to share the best ghost stories that you can remember. Don’t let a good ghost story die away, keep it going by passing onto your circle of friends and let the legendary tales live on forever! 

Halloween is such a great time of year and if you want to make it a time to remember, start planning now and use these ideas to help you. Find a spooky event near you; there are loads all over the UK. Maybe your local theme park will have a special Halloween event to combine the thrilling rides with spine-tingling spooks? And if you don’t want to leave the house, simply throw the best Halloween party ever for your favourite people – at least there will be safety in numbers!  

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