How To Create A Nature-Inspired Home Interior

With many people spending more time indoors, figuring out how to bring nature inside of your home is likely something you have thought about to help create the most inviting and refreshing space. Nature can help your home to feel less sterile, and it can encourage you to feel inspired and revitalized too – what’s not to love?! 

Thankfully, figuring out how to create your own slice of heaven inside your home by adding a touch of nature doesn’t have to be difficult. If you want to completely transform the atmosphere of your home using natural features, then you’re in luck – it couldn’t be easier to get started today! This guide contains some expert tips and tricks that you can make the most of to create your dream green home in no time at all.

So, what are you waiting for? If you would like to find out more, then simply read on to uncover some of the best design tips and tricks that you utilize to give your home a nature inspired feel in no time at all!

Choosing The Right Colors 

The colors that you choose for the interior style of your home have a massive impact on the overall vibe of the space. Some colors are better suited when seeking to achieve a more natural feel. The best colors that you can use to encourage a nature inspired feel are those which are most common outdoors – notably, green, brown and orange. Choosing one or two of these shades in the form of paint on walls and interior design accessories like pillows and picture frames is sure to create the ideal Mother Nature inspired space, so experiment with your favourite colours to see which ones match best. 

Add Plants & More 

Adding some potted plants to your home is a brilliant way to create a more natural feel. Plants will not only add a pop of color, as they will also bring a fresh scent to each room and help your home to appear more welcoming and inviting. You can find so many different plant species, from spider plants that thrive in a bathroom to basil and other herb plants that you can keep in your kitchen! You can also choose to adopt a pet for your plants, if this is something you might be interested in. A terrarium for mantis insects would look great amongst your plants, creating an authentically natural feel. 

Let The Outside In

Letting the outside in should be your last focus. You can install skylights that flood the room with sun, or even invest in some luxurious glass french doors that open straight out into your garden! Making an effort to reduce the physical barrier between your home and the great outdoors is sure to inspire a more natural atmosphere, as an increase in transparent space like windows and doors will provide you with the ideal environmentally focused backdrop. It’s also a good idea to open your windows regularly too, as this helps to let the outside in when you can listen to beautiful bird song, the crunching of autumn leaves and more. 

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