Gifts and present ideas for those who have everything!

So it’s coming to that time of year when we all start thinking what we can get them special people in our lives for Christmas. We spend hours scouring online and trawl through high street shops hoping we will come across that present they don’t already have.

I myself, know how difficult it is to think of that one thing for that one person who is always difficult to buy for, E.G, The Fiance. As we always buy little presents throughout the year for each other, or buy everything we want or need, it can be much easier to stick to more light hearted present or unusually gifts. I have had a browse online and found some very interesting and different gift ideas.

Campervan Toaster

Blue Volkswagen Campervan Toaster

I think most people have a soft spot for old Campervans, and we all love toast right? Well this Campervan Toaster would be ideal for that new homeowner friend, or just enthuisiast.

Indoor Allotment

I love gardening, and so does my mum, but we struggle to get out to fulfill our green finger habits when living in the UK. This indoor allotment would be the perfect gift for that gardener.

Smart Phone Projector

Smartphone Projector Deluxe

Majority of the population now have smart phones. We are hooked on them! We use them for social media, music, films and sometimes to call and text people. With the size of phone screens, it’s not always ideal to try and watch a two hour movie, so this smart phone projector is not only a cool gadget, but also makes watching films much more enjoyable.

Stylish safety trainers from Engelbert Strauss

Presents don’t always need to be spurious, why not get something they will actually need. These stylish safety trainer are a cut above the rest. Whether being safety trainers, or work trousers, why not get them something they will use daily!


Father Christmas Pug Hat

Santa Father Christmas Dog Hat. Bah, Humpug!

We all have that one friend or relative that will always put their puppies first! Like us! This comedy gift will keep everyone amused for ages, maybe not the dog though.

Waffle Maker

Belgian Waffle Maker

When not taking pictures of our culenary creations, we are actually eating them! Although Instagram may not always agree! We can not only show off a fabulous looking appliance, we can also make amazing food! Who wouldn’t love this for Christmas?

Mystery Gift

Mystery Gift

If all else fails, and you really have no idea what to buy someone, why not also suprise yourself with this mystery gift. With for him and for her packages, you really could leave it to someone else to suprise them!

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