Getaways That Won’t Break The Bank

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English Springs are something to behold. They have inspired poets throughout the history of English literature from T.S. Eliot’s admonition that ‘April is the cruellest month’ because it necessitates starting everything again, to Shakespeare’s more jovial assertion that the season ‘has put a spirit of youth into every thing’. It is also a time when you may be looking forward to the summer, perhaps with a degree of trepidation. If you have children, the six weeks holiday can sometimes seem rather daunting. As great as it is to spend time with your children all the time, the onus is now on you to entertain them all the time too. Whether you try to save money by doing crafts at home or playing with them in the garden, or taking them out to museums and art galleries, you always have to think of something new. This is true especially when it comes to going away on holiday. You obviously want to give them an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives, but you also do not want to end up having to save for the rest of the year to do it. Here are a few ideas for trips that will not cost the earth:

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Besides hotels, food, souvenirs for everyone you know back at home, and drinks for when the kids are asleep, one of the major costs of going on holiday is the flights. Crossing the Atlantic to go to the United States can cost as much as a week in London alone, and then there is everything else besides. To save money, you should consider flying to places that are a little closer to home. Europe may seem rather familiar, especially as we are Europeans, but it has so much to offer that you could spend a lifetime travelling around and still not have seen all of it. From all inclusive ski holidays in the south of France to city breaks in places like Berlin or Florence, the possibilities are endless. Besides, you can mix a holiday with teaching your children about culture. Many places on the continent are so imbued with culture, that they will soak some of it up even if they don’t pay any attention.

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There is always the option of going somewhere much closer to home, that is to say to the next county but holidaying in the UK can sometimes feel as if you can not really relax. Being so surrounded by the familiar things of your everyday life can inhibit you feeling as if you’ve truly escaped them. There are some great options though. The Scottish Hebrides are so far away, and their climate is so unique, even amongst the woeful weather of Britain, that it can seem like you have travelled to a different place. You can take your car too, although you will need to buy some ferry tickets. The Scottish Highlands are famed for their beauty but it is one that many people have still not enjoyed themselves but vicariously through reports. However, they are certainly worth a trip.

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