Get On Top Of Your Bucket List

Red Leather Car Bucket Seat

Whether you call it your bucket list or not, we all have some dreams that we would like to come true. Destinations we would like to travel to, people we would like to kiss, food we would like to try. Some of us even want to jump out of a plane or swim the Atlantic, (not sure that is possible, but hey! If you can dream it, you can do it)

Whatever is on your list, the chances are you haven’t done much to start ticking things off. Obviously, there are silly things that we all dream of, but the little ones, the ones that might mean something, we can get on top of those straight away. So let’s have a look at how you can cross off a few of your bucket list items.

First up, lots of us would love to own a supercar. We look at the people driving a Ferrari or Porsche and think to ourselves how amazing it would be to own a slice of that life. Chances are you aren’t going to earn the money you need to own and maintain a Lamborghini, and if you do, you might be too old to really enjoy it! So, why not look at hiring one instead, then heading off for the day of your life! You can use companies like Prestige Keys to find some incredible supercars; you could even head off for a picnic in a Rolls Royce! If you watch the websites, you may find deals which will make this even more affordable. Ok, so you have to hand the keys back at the end of the day, but you can at least tick off one item, right?

What about those who want to do something daring? Bungee jumping from a bridge over the River Thames or skydiving in South Africa. Perhaps you want to climb a mountain. There are some ways you could take on one of these challenges if you make a link and do them to raise money for charity. There are lots of websites like Discover Adventure which organise all the details you just have to show up and take on the challenge. It can be cheaper than doing it yourself, as providing you have raised enough support in your fundraising, you won’t have to pay much money. You can then tick off another item and know you benefited a charity too!

If there is an event or a place you want to visit on your bucket list, stop putting it off. Perhaps you want to head to Rome at Easter to see the pilgrims, or go to Glastonbury for the best music festival on earth. Instead of just saying you want to go, start saving the money, book the tickets and just do it!

If your bucket list is in your head, write it down. Make it into a proper list and then start thinking about how you can do the things you have always dreamed off. Why wait until it is too late. Get creative and start living your life, pushing your boundaries and dancing with your dreams!

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