“Frozen” Themed Candy Buffet

If there are any little girls in your life, you certainly have heard of the Disney hit movie, “Frozen”.  The movie was the fifth highest grossing film of all time! Giving your little girl a Frozen theme party, complete with a candy buffet, dessert table will be the highlight of their event.  We will give you some DIY – easy tips to make her party a Frozen success!


We know the theme is Frozen. Our colors will be shades of blue and white. This is to represent cold, ice, and beautiful winter scenes.

Table covering and backdrop

Of course, you will find many Frozen decorations in the party section of your department store. However, select only a couple of pieces that show the characters of the show. A few props are all you need. To make your table unique and fun, most of the decor you will place yourself. No one wants a generic candy buffet.

Select a nice shade of blue for the table cloth. Use white felt as a topper for the cloth. Turn the felt so the corner forms an upside-down triangle. Sparkles are great if you can find felt with them already on it. Use white and blue felt snowflakes in various sizes and shapes to decorate the table covering.  You can use the same type of coverings for your backdrop. The backdrop should come up to a point in the middle with ribbons or streamers. The focal point in the center should hold your Frozen cutout or party prop. Attach your snowflakes and ice cycles sparingly. You can purchase felt cloth and snowflakes at your local craft store. Consider placing a few foil trees on the table.

Bulk Candy

You will want to purchase your candy online in bulk. This is the most cost effective and the candy comes to you, which saves you time. Select a supplier that carries all the popular candies in the colors you need. You will need about 8-ounces of candy per person. You may choose some specialty candies which will be a one-per-person purchase. If you are ordering chocolate (foil wrapped) be sure you consider the temperature where you will store the candy. The supplier will let you know how long it will take to get to you and how to handle each type.

While you will select candy that matches the theme, consider the size and the taste of the candy. If the candy is too small, it will take more to fill the jars, which can get tiring during the event. Wintergreen and mint candy give a cool flavor that ties in with the theme. Rock candy in robin’s egg blue or clear white look a lot like the “Frozen” wands. Soft peppermint and gummies bring your display together. Coordinated lollipops fit here well.

DIY fun

Since the theme is Frozen, you may want some treats that “look” cold. Consider hand dipped cotton candy placed in ice cream comes. You can sprinkle them with sugar and place them in a three tier cupcake holder, or place in a clear bag, tied with a ribbon.

Use taller clear containers on the back of the table and stage them down to the trays on the front of the table (keeping the triangle shape going). If you use shapes, make sure they are in the winter theme. Frozen goodie bags will finish things off and your guests will be thrilled.

It has never been easier to create a candy buffet. There are tons of sites that have basic instructions. All you need to add is a great candy supplier and a little imagination.

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