Dental Implants

Today more and more people take great care of their dental health just to prevent various dental problems e.g. gum disease or missing teeth. Certainly, proper diet, regular dental check-ups and proper tooth cleaning will help you enjoy great dental health and avoid high costs of dental treatment.

Dental implants are one of the best solutions for those people who wish to replace missing teeth. The main goal of this procedure is to restore function and help patients look great. However, the cost of a single dental implant varies from country to country. If you need to replace a few missing teeth, then the cost that includes the surgery, all necessary components and implant crowns might be really huge. Many patients who usually think about why dental implants are so expensive, look for another alternative solution, possibly dental tourism.

If you want to undergo affordable and high quality dental treatment, then reasonably priced dental implants in Hungary is the only way to go. Hungary is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism and offers complex dental procedures at safe environment. International patients typically save 50-80% on their dental bills. Here are only a few reasons, why international patients pick Hungary to improve their dental health:

· reasonable and pocket-friendly prices, this is probably a major factor as to international patients travel to Hungary;

· highly qualified dentists and oral surgeons who have rich experience, have completed a vast number of courses and training, and speak English fluently;

· incredibly short waiting and treatment times. You don’t need to wait several months until your treatment starts. In Hungary it is a matter of only a few days;

· high standard of medical care. You can expect that the clinic of your choice is perfectly equipped and located in the most amazing and comfortable location. Hungary is only a 2,5 hour flight from many European cities, and a ticket costs only a few pounds or Euros;

· amazing tourist attractions. Many tourists say that Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and offers many things to be explored: spas, mountains or city nightlife;

· additional services. Hungarian dental clinics that treat international patients usually offer additional services such as airport transfers, assistance with accommodation or organisation of your free time;

When you start choosing a dentist in Hungary, it can be a little overwhelming: too many experienced dentists, reliable clinics or agencies. When you choose a dentist or a few of them you might ask the following questions:

· whether they provide consultations (free, via skype?);

· can you expect to get a fixed price for dental treatment before you set foot in Hungary;

· what is included in the price and what is not;

· whether you feel comfortable with the dentist of your choice,

· whether the dentist understands your needs and desires;

· if a dentist and/or dental clinic has (international) accreditations and certificates

· whether you can expect aftercare recommendations and/or guarantees

It is also not bad idea to visit your local dentist to discuss your plans before you start your overseas journey.

For international patients who cannot afford restorative procedures at national clinics the answer is obvious – dental implant treatment in Hungary at affordable prices will put the smile back on your face.

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