Charming Curb Appeal Ideas For The Home

Home is where the heart is and when you’re buying a new one you need it to look good. Think about the time you spent meticulously looking for a beautiful house to live in when you were searching for your forever home. What is it about a house that draws you to it? It’s not going to be the inside layout – it’s the outside.

Some houses have curb appeal and others look far more unappealing. You’re not supposed to judge a book – or a house in this case – by its outside, but we do. It’s natural! Some of the most beautiful home interiors are let down by the lack of outside curb appeal, but your house doesn’t have to be one of those. With our amazing tips, you can get to work on the outside of your home so it looks good enough to buy!

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Expanding your home is always a good idea. If you’re planning some renovations, go for an extended garage. Your home may be a family home and families always look for a decent sized garage for that extra space. Big projects can always transform the look of your house, so go big or go… somewhere that’s not home!

Getting to work on the look of the exterior of your home is important. Half-finished shutters or a house that has paintwork left to touch up needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. It’s easy to get started on a job and get distracted to the point that there are splatters of paint on the concrete or the patio. Get sorted with paint spill removal and finish touching up the actual house. A little elbow grease never hurt anyone and it’s going to make your home look fantastic. Think about going for an all over pastel colour for the house, it’ll brighten up the whole street.

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Getting to grips with the landscape can change the entire look of the front of the house. There’s not one home improvement that transforms as much as the landscaping of the yard. You can add so many features, from water fountains to lights along the path to the front door. Make the lawn neat and the flower beds shine with colour. You’ll have the house that turns heads by simply adding some natural colour to the outside. If you prefer low maintenance, why not go for fake grass like this? All the greenery and none of the hard work!

Working on the windows to make them look beautiful is going to make a huge difference to the exterior of your home. Dress the windows as if you are the one buying the house. Paint the shutters, add valance to the windows on the inside and use frosted stickers like this one for privacy on the front door. Your windows are the eyes to the house and they need to look perfect.

Your home may have been your forever home when you bought it, but when you decide to put it up for sale you need to pretend you’re buying it all over again.

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