Bright Organizational Tips For An Unforgettable Wedding Reception


A wedding day is an event that has seemingly endless planning requirements. Proposing or accepting a marriage proposal is likely to be one of the best days of your life, but it does take a lot of legwork in order to turn your dream into a reality.

This doesn’t mean you need to pull your hair out worrying about it. You’re going to worry no matter how smoothly everything goes, but making sure you’ve planned a great reception is something that will hugely mitigate the butterflies you feel on the morning of your big day.

If this is your first wedding or your twentieth, you deserve the best you can achieve, budget and timeline permitting. Follow this organizational tip checklist to make sure you’ve not left anything out and aren’t leaving anything to chance.

  1. Establish A Timeline

You’re engaged and ready to rock. After the first waves of excitement are over, it’s time to get planning. The very first thing to do is choose the date of your wedding that’s convenient for those you’re planning to invite and good for you too. There is no time limit here, some people get married months after the engagement, some years. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Most prefer to get married in the spring or summer to symbolise new beginnings, but it’s up to you. Once you do choose a date, stick to it. That will be the anchor from which everything revolves.

  1. The Invite List

Once you’ve picked the date, choose your invite list. Do you want children there? Do you want a small reception or a large one? What does your budget allow? Your invites themselves can come later, but for now, the list is invaluable and will help you ascertain what size space you need.

  1. Establish Your Budget

It’s good to get in a dialogue here with how much is realistic to spend. Are your parents or in-laws going to help out? Try and stick to a figure here and remember, this day will hopefully only come once. Don’t spare any expense if you can.

  1. What Reception Do You Want?

Do you want to bring your family to a white beach abroad? Or do you want a traditional church ceremony? Think of what would work for you and your partner above all else. It’s your day. Just be mindful of how far you’re asking your guests to travel.

  1. Renting A Space

Make sure this allows room for your invite list as well as separation of reception and actual marriage ceremony (if having both in the same area.)

  1. Get Help

This isn’t just your fight to try and get through alone. A wedding is a huge event, so be sure to enlist the help of your nearest and dearest to make sure you’re observing your plan from all angles.

  1. Photographer

Make sure to get a professional photographer. If you need to save money, try and enlist the help of a student or freelance photographer but check their portfolio before you do. Make sure they’re professional. You want this day documented well.

  1. Arrange Catering

Use a professional service like Your Private Chef (http://www.yourprivatechef.com.au/) for this. There’s no question that this is one of the main budgeting priorities you should have. Try and allow a range of options for vegetarians, vegans, or those with allergies to try on your menu. If the catering service is worth their salt, they will communicate with you about your requirements the entire way.

  1. Be Professional

This is your wedding, but try not to alienate people if you have to compromise in some way. This is your day, but sometimes maintaining a relationship with someone is better than losing them because they’re having trouble booking the white doves for your grand entrance.

If you’re getting married, we wish you the absolute best of luck and happiness. This is your special day and will be something to cherish for the rest of your life. After all the worrying, make sure you try to enjoy it!

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