{Ad – Gifted} Spiderman Marvel Plush Teddies For All The Marvel Fans

2023 is a great year to be a Marvel fan with the new release of The Marvels movie, which hits cinemas on 10th November. My Son has started to love Marvel’s now and has a big obsession for Spiderman so when we were offered the opportunity to review the new Marvel Plush’s Freddie was very excited. These Spiderman cuddly toys from Simba Toys are a must-have for any fan of the Marvel superhero

These Simba Marvel Plush spider toys are a great way to introduce your children to the marvel universe. Your little one will love creating their own amazing Spiderman stories and heroic adventures They are dressed in her unique suit, complete with glow in the dark eyes and cool web detailing. 

The Marvel Plush Toys are super soft and are great quality and perfect for cuddling any time, but they also make great collectibles. With three different Spiderman plush toys available, you’re sure to find one that they love. They’ve been created to be as authentic an likeliness to the spiderverse characters, which is obvious and defiantly true. The added feature is they also have glow in the dark eyes, which is a great feature and Freddie thinks is fascinating at bedtime. They glow for hours.

Spiderverse Spiderman Soft Toy with Glow in the Dark Eyes

Peter Parker Spiderman Plush Toy from Disney’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends and authentically licenced By Disney. Spiderman stands around 27cm tall and is recreated with authentic character likenesses. Spiderman features a chunky, squishy body with moveable legs and arms and not forgetting the unmissable glow in the dark eyes. Finally dressed in his iconic red and blue Spiderman suit with black web detailing

Spiderverse Ghost Spider Soft Toy with Glow in the Dark Eyes

Superhero to touch and cuddle. In the series “Spidey and his super friends”, Spidey experiences exciting adventures together with his friends Ghost Spider and Spin and together they save their city from dangerous villains. Ghost Spider is around 25 cm tall and made of soft fabric. A special highlight are their large eyes that glow in the dark. At the heart of product development is the enthusiasm of children. For boys and girls, small and large.

The plush toys are a great way for any kids to express their love for the superhero character. They are soft, cuddly and can be played with in lots of fun ways. Whether you have brought as a gift for your child or someone else, Spiderman Plush toys are a great addition to any child’s collection if you have a marvels fan.

They can all be purchased from Amazon directly or through the links below and there are 3 to collect.

Disney Spiderman £9.99 from Amazon

Ghost Spider – £9.99 from Amazon

*We received these Spiderman Plush toys from Simba Toys free of charge in exchange for our honest opinions an views. All contents and picture are of my own.

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