5 Of The Best Home Improvement Ideas For 2018

A new year is an ideal time to pursue new challenges – and those can include revamping your home. In many ways, it can be a win-win situation – as, even if you sell your house soon after improving it, the enhancements could boost the home’s value and, thus, the money you get for it. 

However, particular improvements could be especially effective in enhancing what your residence offers – whether for you or someone who later takes the building off your hands. 

Install or restore period features 

Many people love to live in a building with period features. We don’t doubt that popular TV period dramas like Downton Abbey and Victoria have helped fuel this fascination – and you can take advantage of it by restoring period features that your home currently has.  

Mirror reports that buyers will shell out more for a residence with period features. Therefore, even if your home lacks them, shopping around for them could be worthwhile in the long run. 

Look after your garden 

If you don’t tend to prioritise keeping your garden in good condition, that outdoor space could have developed issues without you even realising. For instance, weeds could have emerged and the lawn and hedges could have overgrown.  

However, a garden that is well looked after can give the impression that this level of care extends to your overall home. No wonder a HomeSearch survey has revealed that your home’s value could grow by as much as 20% if the garden is well-maintained. 


Apply a fresh lick of paint 

There’s a possibility of thinking too hard about how to improve your home. Sometimes, all you need are paint, brushes, rollers and sandpaper. Yes, that’s right – a bit of painting! 

This can make your residence look not only newer, but also something of a blank canvas. This can appeal to potential buyers – who, when looking around the house, could more easily imagine how they might revamp the home’s appearance to suit their own preferences. 

black, color, paint

Banish any excess clutter 

Something else that can add to the “blank canvas” look of a home is getting rid of items that should really be neatly stored away, but instead have been left around the house in a more visibly haphazard fashion.  

Some of those items might need to be binned; others might more appropriately be placed in cupboards or drawers. Whatever you do with the clutter, don’t just leave it lying out in the open. 

Open up a space… perhaps with a folding door? 

Arranging for a home extension is a good example of a home improvement which, on reflection, you may realise would merely paper over the cracks. Perhaps the real issue is that you aren’t using your existing space efficiently enough.  

You could consider removing a wall to create a larger space. That wall could be replaced with a folding door that even opens out onto a garden, as Good Housekeeping highlights. At Bifold Shop, we can supply a bifold folding door that could be effectively used in this way. 

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