Getting a Great Price on Your Car

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Cars are a big part of our lives, for most it is a necessity for commuting and for easy access to travel around but for others it is more of a hobby. On average we keep a car for 6 years, however we all know someone who changes their car a lot more than this, a lot being only kept for a couple of years.

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There are so many ways we can now get a new car, whether being bought used in cash, hire purchase or on lease. Leasing has become a very popular route of getting a new car, and keeping the price down. The best bit about leasing, you never actually own the car. At the end of the lease, or even sooner with some companies, you just give the car back and order a new one. This takes away the added pressure of selling the car at the end and fighting for every pound.

Selling cars is not easy, most of us aren’t sale’s people after all. From getting the right angles for pictures to writing a description for the advert, this can be very difficult if you aren’t very knowledgable.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the best price for your pride and joy.


Take photos when it is light, this will make the car look much better when advertised. Make sure the car is clean, and has personal items removed to show off the car and not your air freshener.


Make sure you put plenty of information in your advert, however make it exciting for readers. Too much information can be very boring for people to read and will not be digested by the potential customer. Keep it informative but interesting to read to keep people enticed.


There are plenty of places to advertise your car, being in newspapers, online and even with the old-fashioned ‘FOR SALE’ signs in the window.


Once you have all your pictures and a snappy description, the phone should start ringing. When anyone calls, see them all as a potential buyer. Pre selling the car on the phone means anyone who is coming to look will already be in a positive mood and are coming to look to do one thing, and that’s to buy a car! Pre selling is very simple, just talk about all the best bits about the cars, ie new tyres, full service history and how much you will miss the car.

Make appointments for anyone who would like to come and view, people will spend anything between 20 minutes to an hour looking at a car. Before they arrive, make sure the car is presentable, being clean and tidy. There is nothing worse for someone to view a car which is dirty and untidy.

Check that the car will start on the first turn, again it could be very awkward if someone wants to test drive it and you can’t get it started.

Let anyone who is looking at the car have a test drive. Refusing someone to test drive will raise red flags about buying the car as they will have no idea if there is anything wrong with it. Check to make sure they have the right license and insurance. If not, see if they have a friend who does, or take them for a drive and show you have nothing to hide.

Agreeing the sale

Once someone is happy with the car, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be crossing your palms with silver. They are only their for one reason!

Most people looking at buying a car, are going to negotiate as this is the done thing. Hopefully when marketing your car, you have allowed room for negotiation. Never drop too early, stand your ground and do not allow to be a push over. If you are firm, you will negotiate a higher price. If they ask for a figure that is ridiculous, be honest and tell them that so you all know you are on the same page. Counter offer if you are near the figure you want, even if this means you tell them you want an extra £100. It’s more money in your pocket.

So they you are, my tips for getting the best price for your car. 

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