The 10 Commandments Of Decorating

When it comes to decorating a room in your house, you might find that you end up stuck for ideas. There are always so many different trends and styles that you should consider, you might, in fact, find that you are spoilt for choice. So how do you work out the best way to decorate your room? Well, you could follow these very useful 10 commandments of decorating.

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Let There Be Light

All your rooms should be light and airy as this can help them feel a lot bigger than what they actually are. It’s incredibly easy to get more light into your rooms – just open up your windows as much as possible by taking down heavy curtains. Being strategic with the placement of your lamps will also help.

Let There Be Natural Materials

Think about using glass, hardwood timber, and organic fabrics as often as possible. Using all of these natural materials can help your home feel a lot more comfortable, and it can also help you make it exceptionally eco-friendly.

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Thou Shalt Not Clash Patterns

When you are thinking about the interior design of a room, you might be considering using a pattern on one wall to liven things up. That’s a great idea; just make sure you don’t get too carried away with yourself and end up clashing different patterns. This can make your decor end up looking hectic and rushed.

Thou Shalt Clash Materials

However, just because you shouldn’t clash your patterns doesn’t mean you can’t clash materials. In fact, clashing materials can be great way to keep your decor exciting and very much on trend.

Thou Shalt Incorporate Thy Life

It’s important to make your decor personal to you, so try and incorporate various aspects of your life into it. For example, if you are particularly sporty, you might want to use some sports-themed decorative features, like a vintage cricket bat. Love reading? Why not bring in some bookshelves.

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Let There Be Art

Another great way to liven up your redecorated room is to finish it off with some art. From framed family photos to stylish wall hangings, there is a lot to choose from.

Thou Shalt Bring The Outside In

Why not consider bringing houseplants into your room? They will help freshen the room up and will also add some natural colour.

Thou Shalt Add Colour With Fabrics

Another brilliant way to add more colour to your room is with fabrics. Get some colourful cushions or a throw for your settee and enjoy all the brightness that they bring!

Thou Shalt Be Environmentally Friendly

In this day and age, it is important to try and decorate your rooms using eco-friendly methods. That way, you can guarantee you are helping the environment and the battle against global warming!

Thou Shalt Make Thy Room Feel Timeless

There are always lots of styles and trends floating around in the interior design world. However, don’t commit too boldly to any one style, as it could quickly go out of fashion. Try and keep your room’s decor as timeless as possible.

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